In college you meet all sorts of different people yet sadly seem to meet a lot of the same type of guy.

1) The trust fund guy

Oh you don’t have to worry about money? That’s so weird because you’re a college student and you don’t have a job. The only time I don’t hate these guys is when they’re actually generous people who understand that they’re spoiled.


2) The douchey frat guy

I have met some nice frat guys don’t get me wrong but I think we’ve all met the stereotypical frat douche. He loves his frat so much and will let you know all the reasons why his frat is better than anyone else’s. He also loves his brothers which means he might group message them all about your sexual encounters. This becomes clear when you meet a brother and he already knows who you are because “you fucked Mike”. Awesome.


3) The fake sweetheart guy

This guy is probably my biggest enemy. Please stop wasting my time. Don’t go out of your way to act like such a great guy when you’re actually an asshole.


4) The “i’ll hook up with you then pretend you don’t exist” guy

Don’t automatically assume that because we hooked up you’re all I’ll ever want. Get over yourself. Have the decency to acknowledge me at least.


5) The “I won’t give up” guy

At first it’s flattering but this guy really needs to take the hint.


6) The black out drunk creeper guy

Oh lord I’ve actually had to RUN from these men.