Did your mom ever tell you that you had to “play hard to get” for anyone to find you at-all appealing? What about, “don’t text them first, wait for them to reach out.” Well, desperately single guys/gals, I am here to tell you that your MOTHER/SISTER/AUNT/HEALTH TEACHER/EYE PATCH-WEARING DENTISTs are all wrong! Put these 1950s rules to bed, singles.

1. Depriving Yourself from Food on a Date

OK. So, you don’t want to come off as a ravenous swine on your first date, charming. Except when you deprive yourself from sustenance at anytime, you are bound to binge later in the night. Order what you want, yet be mindful of prices. If you aren’t a salad girl, don’t pretend that you are one just to disillude a guy.

 2. Playing Hard-to-get

People are dumb. Most times, the person you like has no idea or if they think you find them attractive they will just assume you are interested in a hookup. Now, if you aren’t looking for that one-time deal, but an exclusive main squeeze, stop playing hard to get. Pretending that you don’t like a person by being overly snippy to them or ignoring their presence is rude and childish. There is nothing wrong with letting go of your inhibitions, and going right up to them and kissing him/her on the mouth. Do it. Go “yolo.”

3. No Sex too Soon

“Don’t be that kind of girl.” What makes “that kind of girl” the wrong girl? If the attraction is palpable and you feel a connection, don’t put it off. Sometimes when it doesn’t work out with a date (who you happened to have sex with), it is easy to feel jaded or blame the sex for why they aren’t your boyfriend. Here’s a new thought, maybe you just had zero chemistry outside of the bedroom, alcohol mystified the connection, or the neonazi thing just didn’t come off charming. It’s a difficult part of dating, but it really doesn’t have to be.

4. Be the Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Thanks to Indie films and Zooey Deschanel, the Manic Pixie Dream Girl seems to be every guy’s fantasy. Ladies are aware of this phenomenon (we have all seen 500 Days of Summer), so we try to work our best at working the little black dress, androgenous haircut, and 80 dollar “vintage” grandpa sweater. It’s unoriginal and tired. Playing some character instead of being yourself just means your suitable date is getting to know someone you’re not.

5. Cursing is Trashy

Having an extensive vocabulary is sexy. Not being afraid to call someone out on their fuckery is too. All the hot women swear, Helen Mirren, Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, and Maya Angelou. Would you dare call Dame Judi Dench “trashy?”