1.) This is your response whenever someone asks you what grade you’re in:

2.) You’ve experienced the Sophie’s Choice that is picking a food option in the Curry food court.

3.) You don’t go to sporting events on campus- and like if you do you sure as hell don’t tell anyone about it.

4.) You’ve played beer pong in the apartment of a friend of  a friend on Mission Hill.

5.) You’ve had to drunkenly make your way back from the hellscape that is Mission Hill.

6.) You know that the bathrooms across from Reprographics are the perfect place to poop/have discreet sex.

7.) You cringe every time you walk into the Starship Enterprise/Snell Library and remember that your tuition paid for its heinousness.

8.) You’ve collapsed onto a table in Curry from the sheer exhaustion of being a Husky.

9.) Getting alcohol as a minor is incredibly easy considering some of your friends on campus are Seniors AKA 30 year olds.

10.) You have a favorite sandwich from Rebecca’s and will defend that shit to death.

11.) You can imagine what waterboarding feels like after having lived in a torture chamber  like Stetson West/East.

12.) You’re not entirely sure what school pride is.

13.) You’re go to question for whenever you’re interacting with an acquaintance always ends up being, “So like are you on co op or in classes…”

14.) You’ve had to deal with a friend going away for a semester for co op.

15.) You’ve considered murdering people who are in the running for the same job positions as you.

16.) You’ve rolled your eyes at the gaggle of BOCO gays who occasionally eat in Stetson East.

17.) You’re simultaneously impressed and disappointed with the Springfest concert acts that the school brings in.

18.) You’re jealous of schools that have actual celebrities that attend them…JOJO YOU BITCH WHY DIDN’T YOU COME HERE?!

19.) You’ve felt guilty eating food in the Marino food court while people exercising are in plain view.

20.) One of your best friends is an international student with a life far more glamorous than yours.

21.) You’ve been a victim of the NU Shuffle and secretly wish you could maim every single person who works in an administrative capacity at Northeastern.

22.) You firmly believe that Lake/Holmes/Meserve should be condemned by the board of health and obliterated.

23.) You’ve made lifelong enemies from Husky Hunt.

24.) You feel both relieved and suffocated by the fact that you are in college for 5 or more years.

25.) You know that you’ll never have a real summer ever again- and surprisingly you’re okay with that.

26.) You’ve gone on a dialogue  and traveled around the world in the name of education- but really just spent a lot of money on street food.

27.) You secretly wish you had a rival school so that things would be interesting (and no just because we hate BU does not mean they are our enemy. Everyone who doesn’t go to BU hates BU)

28.) You regularly eat at the following off campus restaurants: Panera Bread, Unos, Symphony Sushi, Pho & I and are thrilled that many of these places take Husky Dollars.

29.) You’ve gotten horribly lost in the tunnels.

30.) You’ve had at least 1 to 15 sex dreams about Joey Aoun.