Well my rainbow children, we’ve finally made it to the Top 4 of season 7, and in just a few weeks RuPaul will be crowning the second best queen of the competition. Speaking of the best queen, Katya’s void is incredibly present the moment the episode starts. Ginger is devastated her best friend has sashayed away and the girls break out into fighting over who deserves to be in the Top 3 the most. The opening workroom scene has the most drama we’ve seen this season and it becomes clear that this is no longer RuPaul’s Best Friend Race; these bitches are out for blood.

There is no mini challenge in this episode nor is there a workroom visit from RuPaul. Instead of Mama Ru our queens are greeted by Michelle Visage, who prepares the queens for the final four maxi challenge: an acting scene, music video to RuPaul’s “Born Naked”, and a runway presentation of their best drag.

Let’s start with the music video, shall we? Well children, it is a hot ass mess. Violet can’t remember the choreography, Pearl’s wig gets fucked while she’s dancing like a scarecrow being tasered, and Kennedy is the only one who manages to perform well. The acting challenge, however, tells a different story. Ginger obviously slays the challenge, but Kennedy fails, and the other two girls do well in comparison to their other acting performances.

For the final runway the girls serve the best they have to offer. Violet gives us cabaret realness, Kennedy stomps down the runway like a rainbow trout, Ginger wears something that has way too muff to be okay, and Pearl saunters down the runway wearing what looks like a silk curtain. The runway serves as a reminder to the viewer that not a single queen in this competition has the complete package. Ginger is a fierce actor and singer but horrible dresser, Kennedy can dance the house down boots but is only “so so” at everything else, Pearl is stunning but entirely mediocre at everything else, and Violet is beyond beautiful but unmemorable in every acting challenge. If only Katya was still around; she would have shown these queens how it’s done.

After the runway presentation our queens are asked what advice they’d give to their former selves. Kennedy reminds her former self to be strong, Violet says to be more patient, Ginger talks at length about her weight and suicidal thoughts, and Pearl gives a heartbreaking testimony about her childhood struggles and tells her former self to struggle through it. Her speech is the first time we really get some insight into who Pearl is and the speech removes the distance that has made her inaccessible to many. Afterwards the queens are asked why they should be America’s Next Drag Superstar and for the most part the queens focus attention on themselves. Ginger, however, voices her belief that Pearl and Violet are too immature to handle all the responsibilities that come with being an ambassador to RuPaul.

It is then that our four queens are forced to lip sync for their lives and prove to RuPaul and the judges that they deserve a spot in the top 3. After a fierce group lip sync, Kennedy is sent packing. It’s a sad moment and definitely a shock to Kennedy, but she should be proud she made it this far in the competition after that zombie chicken suit she wore.



Out of all the queens left in the competition Violet has grown the most. She’s shed her bitchy demeanor and learned to conduct herself with grace. Her runway looks were always amazing and while she may not be the best actress, she also managed to get through the season without lip-syncing. Above all, she’s a fan favorite, which is something that may help her steal the crown from Ginger.


No one can deny that Ginger has been the most consistent queen in the competition. If it wasn’t for her horrid drag, she’d be the top queen in every aspect of the competition. She can sing, act, and take on whatever is thrown at her with a great sense of humor. She’s also the first big girl to make it to the Top 3 and perhaps it’s time we have our first plus size superstar. With that being said, Ginger got the villain edit this season and comes across on the show as a bitter shit-stirrer. Will America allow someone like her to be crowned?


With her dopey faces, laid-back demeanor, and inspired drag, Pearl has been one of the most entertaining queens this season. But let’s be real people, just like Courtney Act, Roxxxy Andrews, and Phi Phi O’Hara, Pearl is the filler for the finale. She hasn’t performed well enough in the competition to win, in fact, many of her wins seem to be more the result of editing than pure talent. I do love me some Pearl, however, and think her spot in the top 3 is deserved, there’s just no way in hell she should win.


Kennedy was a fierce lip syncer and funnier than expected in the acting challenges. Unfortunately, she struggled to be as memorable as her competitors and often proved to be more stubborn than needed. I’ll always love her for the night of hooking speech though.