1. She’s back to slaying the music scene

On June 12th Hilary will be releasing Breathe In. Breathe Out, her first album since 2008. That’s right- the music prodigy who gave us hits like “Come Clean”, “Why Not” and “Stranger” is back at it again. With her hit summer single “Sparks”, the Duffster is more than ready to reclaim the title of pop princess supreme from all of those uppity wannabe bitches (TALKING TO YOU, HAIM/HAYUM/HAM).

  1. She’s single and ready to mingle

With “Sparks” essentially being an ad for Tinder, Hilary has fully informed us that she’s ready to love again following her split from hubby Mike Comrie. She’s a hot, single, mom on the prowl and to be honest, I’m considering returning my gay card and trying to woo her a la Aaron Carter. And by that I mean I’m just going to send her really upsetting Tweets and pretend we’ve had some sort of relationship before. “I’LL GET PIZZA WITH YOU, HIL!”

  1. She’s back on TV

This year Hilary is starring on TV Land’s hot series, Younger (I use the word “hot” loosely). The show provides us with our much needed dose of H-Dog and since it’s been renewed for a second season, it’s safe to say Hilary will be on TV for quite some time. Hopefully God will answer my prayers and we’ll have a Lizzie McGuire reunion series sometime in the near future.

  1. She’s our style maven

Hilary has dyed her hair every color from lavender to mint, and she manages to look flawless whatever the shade. She’s stylish, sexy and confident-we should all strive to be as bold and beautiful as she is.


I can’t believe I need to even explain to you how Hilary is dominating 2015. She’s been running shit since Casper Meets Wendy. Hilary may have stepped out of the limelight for a bit to raise a family, but now she’s decided to reemerge as a glorious phoenix and remind us that she is what dreams are made of.

So bow down to Queen Hilary!