1.) Rely on your sexual appeal

We all know there’s a positive correlation between how hot you are and how “crazy” you’re allowed to be, so if you’re a mess on the inside make sure to capitalize on your body and sexuality. No one cares about what’s going on in your head if you’re taking care of everything in the sack.

2.) Play the role of Damsel in Distress

Depression and anxiety aren’t really desirable qualities, but dependency and weakness are! Make the most of your mental illness by playing up just how badly you need someone to “save” you. Indulge someone’s savior complex by being their very own personal HGTV project!


3.) Be apologetic and submissive 

Sometimes people need a partner they can bully and belittle to make themselves feel better. As a mentally ill person, you’re probably used to low self esteem and apologizing for who you are, so why not just find a partner who derives joy from making you feel that way?

4.) Be the Manic Pixie Dream Girl

For some people, mental illness can actually be a pretty hot fetish, so take advantage of it if you can! Just make sure you *really* commit to the whole “crazy” act- like put out a cigarette out on your partner or threaten to kill yourself. The best kind of love is the “craziest”, right?


Let’s be realistic, mental illness is TERRIFYING to people who don’t understand it. So instead of telling your partners about who you truly are just hide everything “wrong” with you until the latest possible moment. Your significant other will be less likely to abandon you if you already have a joint account!