1.) How-To: Recover from Accidentally Opening Up Porn in a Meeting

2.) How-To: Look Busy at Work When You’re Really Just Netflix-ing

3.) How-To: Ask for a Raise You Definitely Don’t Deserve

4.) How-To: Come to Work Late and Leave Early Every Day

5.) How-To: Decide If You Should Accept Your Coworker’s Follow Request

6.) How-To: Frantically Press the “Close” Button on the Elevator with Subtlety to Avoid Interaction

7.) How-To: Just Not Respond to that Irritating Email From Rhonda

8.) How-To: Befriend the Snack Guy in the Office

9.)  How-To: Navigate Being Way Too Drunk at the Holiday Party

10.) How-To: Make Time to Cry in the Bathroom Stall In-Between Meetings

11.) How-To: Secretly Steal Your Coworker’s Peanut Butter and Never Get Caught

12.)  How-To: Chew Out That Bitch Karen Without Getting HR Involved

13.) How-To: Avoid “Pervy Pat” at the Holiday Party

14.) How-To: Pretend You Care About Your Coworker’s Ugly Baby

15.) How-To: Deal with the Soul Crushing Reality That You’ve Become a Corporate Slave

16.) How-To: Completely Disregard the Dress Code and Wear Whatever the Fuck You Want

17.) How-To: Put in Minimal Effort and Get Maximum Praise

18.) How-To: Put That Fucking Intern Jacob in His Place

19.) How-To: Find a Rich Husband at Work So You Can Quit

20.) How-To: Skip Every Office Outing and Not Seem Like You Hate Everybody

21.) How-To: Avoid Making Eye Contact with The Smelly Shitter In The Office

22.) How-To: Say “No Thanks” to an Assignment Without Getting Fired

23.) How-To: Get By with Just Your Personality In The Office

24.) How-To: Cry at Your Desk But Be So Inconspicuous That No One Even Notices

25.) How-To: Sleep with Your Office Crush Without Jeopardizing Your Career