Gentlemen, start your engines, and may the best villain win!

12.) Acid Betty

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As the self-proclaimed “bitch” of season 8, Acid Betty wasn’t all that…bitchy. Sure, she bickered with her fellow competitors, stirred the pot, and read Trixie’s makeup, but that was pretty much the extent of her evil. She was actually pretty nice!

If anything, she was the red herring of the season, leading viewers to believe she was the  Big Bad, as the true one hemmed in the shadows.

11.)Alexis Michelle

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Alexis Michelle may not have done anything “villainous” during season 9, but she pretty much cock-blocked everyone in the competition with her domineering personality and haughty attitude. Whether she was criticizing the girls for being too mean, blaming them for her poor runway choices, or taking credit for every creative choice made during the season, Alexis always said what was on her mind.

But at the end of the day, she was never intentionally malicious, nor does she deserve the hate she’s receiving from the insufferable stans. She just wants y’all to feel mawma, is that too much to ask for?

10.) Sonique & Morgan

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Okay, I’ll admit including Sonique and Morgan on this list is a bit of a stretch. Especially considering how Ginger/Kennedy/Rebecca/Akashia aren’t even honorably mentioned. But their Untucked antics were enough to warrant them a spot on this list. From Sonique saying Mystique looked like “Holiday Heart” to Morgan picking a fight with Mystique, this duo knew how to create TV gold.

9.) Shangela

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HALLELU, it’s our girl, Shangie!

To be fair, every girl from season 3 (except for Henny) was pretty villainous at one point or another. But no queen stirred the pot quite like Miss Shangie. From #TulleGate to her legendary “Sugar Daddy” rant, Shangela’s shenanigans have made her one of the most memorable queens to date.

 8.) Derrick Barry

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It’s Derrick, bitch! In season 8, Hemmy fought with pretty much everyone. She came for Chi Chi, Naomi, Bob—-she probably even fought with the Shade Tree. Deeply insecure and slightly delusional, Derrick never reached true villain status because she was never in a position of power. And out of all the villains from the show, she was the only one routinely bullied by her fellow competitors, which is why she’s not higher on the list.

7.) The Heathers

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Named after the clique from the cult classic film, Heathers, this group consisted of Raja, Delta, Manila, and Carmen. They weren’t as malicious as their namesake, but this group’s collective arrogance and exclusionary behavior made them a pretty unlikable bunch.

Bonus points go to Delta for keeping up her villainous antics on social media!

 6.) Willam

Image result for willam gif lists “criminal” and “mischief-maker” as synonyms for “villain”, which perfectly describe Willam. While he may have not been mean-spirited, he sure did love to piss off his fellow competitors with his quick-wit and general cockiness. “Is the carpet comfortable?” is still one of the most iconic moments from the show, and let’s not forget how he changed the game by being disqualified!

5.) Tyra Sanchez

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When it comes to Drag Race royalty, Tyra is undoubtedly the most hated one in the bunch. And to be fair, Tyra was cold and unfriendly throughout her season. But it’s not her season 2 antics that nabbed her a spot on this list, it’s her post-show behavior. I mean the girl told fans to kill themselves! And if encouraging suicide isn’t villainous, I don’t know what is. #Jump

4.) Raven

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The ice queen cometh! On Drag Race, Raven ripped into every single one of her competitors. She dragged Mystique, NPBFAG, Tatianna, and murdered Mimi Imfurst on All Stars. She even came for Bob’s purse! But what makes Raven such a captivating villain is the fact that you still love her despite her bitchiness! That’s the mark of a great villain.

3.) Roxxxy Andrews

On All Stars 2 Roxxxy Andrews “made it clear” that she was no longer the bitch we all hated on season 5. And while she managed to ru-deem herself, we still need to acknowledge her malicious behavior toward Jinkx Monsoon. I mean she spent the second half of the season emotionally waterboarding her. Girl went for it!

2.) Phi Phi O’Hara

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No one knows how to create reality TV gold quite like Ms. O’Hara. Season 4 established her as the biggest bitch in the Drag Race bunch, as she ripped Sharon to shreds, accused Willam of having no talent, and sabotaged her friend Jiggly.

Between season 4 and All Stars 2, Phi Phi tried to rebrand herself as the cosplay queen who had moved past her anger problems, but her appearance on All-Stars 2 only solidified her villainous status.  She tried to play psychological games with Roxxxy, undermine Alyssa, and failed to keep her angry side at bay.

1.) Valentina

Credit to: Reddit user  pidgehoetto

Villaintina, your smile is GORGEOUS. Never has there been a queen as divisive as this Latina goddess. To some, she’s the true “fan-favorite” of season 9 and rightfully deserves the massive following she’s accrued. To others, she’s a phony sociopath who knew how to play the game. What makes her truly iconic is how she’s managed to wash her hands off the madness she’s inspired. Watching the girls question and attack her during the reunion only further proved that season 9 was the Valentina show.

As Trinity summed it up, she’s the “true winner.”


  1. VH1’s HD
  2. The purple runway lighting
  3. Nelsan Ellis
  4. Santino Rice
  5. The fans