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1.)  Inform them that white men in the U.S. commit more acts of terror than every minority group combined.

2.) Put all of Party City’s tiki torches on layaway. 

3.) Refer to them by one of the following nicknames: “Mayonnaise Menace”, “Bleach Bigot”, “CTRL ALT DELETE (your account)”, or the always classic “Neo-Nazi fuck face.”

4.) Tell them they remind you of that one white character in Get Out.

5.) Quiz them on the Civil War (odds are they don’t know anything about it).

6.) Remind them of all the foods, sports, and general facets of society and culture they encounter on a daily basis and how heavily influenced they are by other ethnic and racial groups.

7.) Steal their sunscreen.

8.) Contact their place of work and inform their employers of their disgusting racist behavior so they get fired.

9.) Mail a bag of dog shit to Richard Spencer’s house or donate money in the name of an alt-righter to the NAACP.

10.) Show up to their rallies to remind them that white nationalism is tacky, disgusting, delusional, unpopular, outdated, hateful, and has no place here or anywhere.