The Celebrities Worth Following on Twitter

1. Anna Kendrick

She is the Mary Poppins of Twitter: ‘practically perfect in every way.’ Anna Kendrick has the balls to say the things that we all think (Hollah, Ryan Gosling!), with such biting wit, and brilliant pop culture references that you forgive her for being in all those Twilight movies. So, if you are one of those fuckers that “doesn’t believe in the Twitter” or you just haven’t followed her, do yourself the favor and embrace @AnnaKendrick47

2. Zach Braff

OK. You hated Garden State and his stint on “Punk’d” made him look like a real d-bag. Zach Braff may not have the reputation of being a charmer, but the guy Tweets like Josh Peck Vines– really, fucking, well! His interactions with other celebrities, or his ‘peers’, are priceless, and his bromance with Donald Faison is what all guy friends should strive for. Sure Zach Braff is pretentious, but with a Twitter like his, it is easy to forgive @zachbraff

3. Anna Faris

A newbie to Twitter, and she already has the world in stitches with her tweets! Maybe not the world, just the cult of Scary Movie and House Bunny fans. Anna Faris is always funny, even when she is starring in those god awful movies your uncle sends you for your birthday. Actresses like Anna Faris, Anna Kendrick, Ellen Page, and Olivia Wilde aren’t afraid to get awkward or crude on Twitter because, I like to believe, that’s how they are in real life. I would rather read about Ellen Page’s morning poop than Taylor Swift “loving her fans SOOOO much!” I  appreciate a celebrity more when I have Twitter proof that they poop, overeat, don’t shave, and masturbate. Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Drake, and Gwyneth Paltrow definitely don’t poop. @AnnaKFaris


4. Josh Groban

Did I stutter? Josh Groban has a voice like butter melting on toast, but his true talent may be the art of tweeting. Just one tone deaf girl’s opinion! Groban’s music appeals to the older generations, which he can’t help it that he has the pipes of Tony from Lady and the Tramp; however, his humor and boyish innuendos transcribed via Twitter are what making him a favorite amongst the “millennials.” What could be better than Josh Groban’s tweets is the video of him singing Kanye West tweets:  @joshgroban

5. Bette Midler

The Wind Beneath My (technological) Wings. Say what you want about The Old Hag from Hocus Pocus, except if you say she is not worth a follow. Sure, she gets political, but unlike her fellow divas (Cher, Mariah Carey, and Britney Spears) Midler is actually articulate. What is great about Bette Midler’s page is that you hear her voice through every tweet, it is not some Intern posing with a quippy tone. A true rose of the internet.