1. Cow Belles

Let me start by saying that Aly & AJ are goddesses. It’s such a shame that their pop-rock duo 78violet never made it big here in the states (or in any other part of the world for that matter). Cow Belles is like Disney’s version of “The Simple Life” but less racist. It’s surprisingly funny for a DCOM and is chock full of great messages for kids like, “work hard for the money” and “always wear a sensible scarf.”

Look at how flawless they are.

It’s like…

2. Rip Girls

For some reason or another, Rip Girls just faded into the background, which is a sin considering it  stars that smoking hot chick Camilla Belle, who is most famous for being in When A Stranger Calls and dating Joe Jonas. In the movie, Belle plays a teenage girl who revisits her former home of Hawaii and reconnects with the land and her distant father. It’s surprisingly deep for a DCOM movie and despite the fact that the movie was filmed in Australia, not Hawaii (Get your shit together, Disney) this movie is totally worth watching.

Oh, hello there.

3. Double Teamed

For starters I know what you’re thinking and you’re right: This is definitely the name of a porno.

Double Teamed is a DCOM based on an original story that is actually entertaining. It tells the life story of professional basketball players Hedi and Heather Burge. And while no one actually cares about women’s basketball (#sorryboutit) this movie will make you want to dribble balls.

On a side note: Does anyone remember the movie Juwanna Mann?


Twin Witches… Twitches. This movie is like “Sister Sister” but better because there’s no Roger and the Mowry sisters have magic powers. This DCOM tells the story of Alex and Cam, two women who find out they are twin sisters separated at birth (so basically “Sister Sister”). Oh yeah and they’re witches from another dimension (totally casual). This movie is brilliant, mostly because the Mowry twins are too fabulous for me to comprehend. And this movie is actually really funny and has great special effects considering its a TV movie.

In fact this movie is almost as good as their cameo in The Hot Chick.

5. Up Up and Away

Remember the time that Disney remade this movie but with all white people and called it Sky High ? (guess who was in that movie-DANIELLE PANABAKER!)

Up Up and Away tells the story of Scott Marshall, a teenage boy from a family of superheroes, who despite not having any superpowers of his own, is called on to save the world. The funniest part of the movie is that aluminum foil is the family’s greatest weakness (um what?) And kudos to the Disney Channel for actually making a movie about a black family (don’t worry Disney, we still think you’re racist).

6. Mom’s Got A Date With A Vampire

So the plot of this movie is relatively straightforward: mom goes out on a date with a man, he turns out to be a vampire, her kids try to stop him. What makes this movie great is that it was actually kind of scary for a DCOM, but not too scary that it would emotionally traumatize you after watching it(I’m talking to you, Don’t Look Under The Bed) This movie was also packed with all of my favorite irrelevant actors: Aunt Hilda from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Lizzie McGuire’s dad, and Craig from “Degrassi” ( I will always love you Craig, despite your cocaine addiction.)

And now that you’ve gotten this far in the article. Here’s your reward: Craig

Well, at least the 13 year old version of Connor thought he was cute.

7. Tru Confessions

Remember when Disney tried to make movies about serious issues? Well Tru Confessions, just like The Color of Friendship, covers a topic that most children don’t learn about at a young age.

In the movie, the main character, Tru, enters a video contest and decides to make a documentary about her brother, Eddie, who suffers from a developmental disability. Although this movie is painful to watch at parts, Shia Labeouf does a great job in it. There’s even a scene where a bunch of boys tease Eddie and give him a hat to wear that is full of their spit and it’s so sad it just makes you want to punch every boy you went to middle school with in the face.



(Also did anyone else notice that Paolo from the Lizzie McGuire Movie/Garrett from PLL plays the bully?)

And if you haven’t been emotionally scarred enough from this article, here’s a GIF of the actor who played Beans on Even Stevens.



Okay don’t pretend like you didn’t love this movie. For starters, it starred Kimberly J. Brown aka Marnie from Halloweentown, who is flawless (fun fact I’m Facebook friends with her… actually just double checked, not I’m not. She must have unfriended me. WHAT A BITCH) This movie is about a girl who finds out her mom is pregnant with not just one baby, but five. Also….. guess who was in this movie.


which means…..

9. Horse Sense/Jumping Ship

Because who doesn’t love the Lawrence brothers (even though they don’t actually play brothers in the film). In Horse Sense, rich brat Joey Lawrence is forced by his parents to spend the month on his aunt’s ranch with his cousin, Andy Lawrence. I don’t really remember any specifics about the movie except that they eat eggs at some point during it. In the sequel, Jumping Ship, the best Lawrence (Matt) is added to the mix. Jumping Ship is about how the three get shipwrecked on an island are tasked with the challenge of fighting off pirates who want their money. So basically, the first movie is about horses and the second is about pirates. I guess these movies don’t really make sense, but whatever.


10. Smart House

If I had made a “11 Best DCOMS” list Smart House would have been on it. This movie is such a classic DCOM and I’m pretty sure at some point or another we all wished we could jump on a bed while a projection of the song “C’est La Vie” by B*Witched played on our wall. And I bet every frat guy wishes he had floors that could absorb everything that was spilled on them (like beer…and semen…)