1. You pride yourself on knowing all of the hot gossip on campus.

2. You’re super active in extracurricular activities and take your responsibilities very seriously- in fact, probably too seriously.

3. You consider yourself to be one of the girls and get annoyed when girls get a special privilege and you don’t. 

Like why can’t I participate in the girl’s sleepover? GENDER IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT!


4. You’re a man of very talents and like to share those talents with the world.

And you know how to rock the shit out of a pop ballad.

5. You’re not afraid to stand up to the haters and assert yourself.


6. You understand that pink isn’t just a color. It’s a lifestyle.


7. You’re misunderstood by most people- but that doesn’t phase you because you know how fabulous you are.

8. You get made fun of for taking some things way too seriously, like prom, celebrity gossip and Lady Gaga.

9. You are incredibly sassy and have a sense of humor that is unparalleled.


10. You don’t know how to deal with awkward situations so you tend to just make really awkward jokes that only increase the awkwardness.


If you identify with at least 5 of these things, then it’s pretty much safe to say you’re almost too gay to function.