10 Signs You’re Gretchen Wieners

1. You understand  the importance of social rules and norms and become easily upset when people don’t adhere to them.

2. People feel the need to confide in you and tell you all of their secrets- even though it’s common knowledge that you’re a huge blabber mouth.

3. You’re always there for you friends- even when they’re acting like a mega bitch.


4. You don’t really think about how your words can affect other people- which can get you into some sticky situations.

5. You’re aware that you’re more privileged than others and take advantages of the opportunities you’ve been offered in life.

6. You’re not a leader and you would rather  be a part of the group than stand out on your own.

7. You know firsthand the horrors of getting diarrhea in public.

8. You are up to date on all of the cool lingo and slang.

9. You’re extremely in touch with your emotions and find it difficult to hide how you feel about things.

10. Your hairline is so weird.

If you identify with more than 6 of these things, then you’re a Gretchen Wieners. Congratulations, now go eat some Toaster Strudels and celebrate!



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