Before reading please note that these are STEREOTYPES and most people don’t fall into just one category. You can be both a queen and a club hopping gay, just as you can be both a baby gay and an adonis.

1.) Queens

The queen is the type of gay who lives for drama. He’s exactly like that bitchy girl in high school who started shit for no reason, just because she could. He desires to be the center of attention in every situation and he’s usually the loudest and most dramatic person in the room. He know that if all eyes aren’t on him, he isn’t doing his job right.

2.) Baby Gay

The baby gay is the one who just came out of the closet. He is brand new to everything gay and he’s often very young and naive. To straight people, baby gays are like the Mogawai from that movie “Gremlins”. They’re cute, nonthreatening and as long as they aren’t fed after midnight or allowed to have contact with other baby gays they can be kept as pets.

3.) The Adonis

The adonis gay is obsessed with his physical appearance. He spends almost all of his time in the gym and he takes pride in his washboard abs and bulging biceps. The adonis considers himself to be the most similar to straight guys (because apparently exercise is inherently heterosexual) and he likes to really only surround himself with other adonis gays or straight men.

4.) The Club Hopper

You know how at middle school dances there was always that gross, sweaty couple making out in front of everyone? Those are club hopper gays. They are the ones who live for partying and hooking up in clubs. They’re also the most rebellious type of gay and they’ll try everything at least once, whether that be hard drugs or some obscure sex act. To say that these gays are trashy would be an overstatement. But it also wouldn’t entirely be an understatement.

5.) The Ladies Man

We all know this gay. The Ladies Man is the gay who is always surrounded by a loyal group of girls who fawn over him and act as his own personal fan club. The Ladies man is usually very popular among straight girls and doesn’t really interact with his fellow gays unless he is forced to. He considers himself to be one of the girls and is usually the most knowledgeable gay when it comes to things like celebrity gossip and what happened on the last episode of Pretty Little Liars.


6.) The Straight Gay

The straight gay, as the name would suggest, is the one who is least stereotypically gay. They are usually more introverted than their fellow gays and focus their energy on more intellectual efforts than social ones. They also generally don’t have a very flashy wardrobe, usually because they don’t know how to dress well. The straight gay is not more masculine than the adonis, he’s just usually too much of a wallflower for people to assume he’s gay.


7.) The Political Gay

The Political gay is the kind of gay who is very passionate and involved in everything LGBT. To straight people, they can be the most polarizing of gays. They’re not afraid to distance themselves from others if it helps them to advance their social agenda and they generally surround themselves with like minded people. The political gay is generally more radical in their thoughts than other gays and they see advancing their liberal beliefs as the most important part of their life.