1. They’re not afraid to make bold fashion choices and understand that fashion isn’t about practicality.

Drag Queens aren’t afraid to wear 6 inch heels. They don’t shy away from bright patterns. They know that fashion is all about risk taking. Fashion trends may come and go, but style is forever and drag queens teach us that we’ll never know how beautiful we can be if we don’t push the limits.

2. They can make an outfit out of anything

Trash bags, rubber chickens, condoms- you name it, they can turn it into an outfit. They’re extremely inventive and resourceful and you’d be surprised by just how many things they can make into a hat. Drag queens show us that we can find value in anything. You don’t need designer labels to look sickening, you just need a couple of bobby pins, hot glue and a prayer.


3. They’re more put together than real women.

Drag queens understand the power of femininity. They know that applying makeup is an art form and that outer beauty is merely an optical illusion to master. Drag queens know how to cut a cheek better than most girls and they can turn a guy who looks like the Rock into a spitting image of Blake Lively.

4. They’re artists

While not every drag queen can sing, you’d be surprised by how many talents drag queens have. Some are professional dancers, some are touring the country as singers, and others are actors that have made guest spots on legitimate TV shows. To say that they are simply cross-dressers would be a great disservice to the art of drag. Drag queens teach us that in order to be successful we must be well rounded. Don’t be a one trick pony, it ain’t cute girl.

5. They understand the importance of a good catch phrase and it’s endlessly entertaining to quote them.

Drag queens know that in order to make it in the reality TV business you need to differentiate yourself from the others. You need to be unique. And what better way to be unique than to have a saying that is all your own. Whether its Alaska’s infamous, “Hiiiii” or Shangela’s “Hallelu”, drag queens teach us the profitability of being different.



6. They’re hilarious

There’s a reason why there’s thousands of RuPaul’s Drag Race gifs on the internet. Not only do they make the funniest faces, they say the funniest things. Queens like Pandora, Detox, Willam, Raven are funnier than most comedians on television. I’d watch Late Night With Willam Belli over Late Night With Jimmy Fallon any day.



7.  They’re in touch with their emotions

Society teaches men that it’s wrong to express emotion and love publicly. Drag queens defy this social norm. They aren’t afraid to cry or talk openly about their feelings and the difficulties they’ve faced in life because of their sexuality and profession. Drag queens teach us the importance of vulnerability and remind us that we can’t be afraid to open ourselves to others and love.

8. They invented the favorite activity of every wealthy white woman: throwing shade.

Because if you’re going to insult someone, at least do it creatively. And remember- read those bitches to filth.

9. They come in all different shapes and sizes.

Beauty magazines tell us that women are supposed to look a certain way. Drag reminds us that there’s more to beauty than that. There are plus sized queens, pageant queens, butch queens and  gothic queens. There’s no right or wrong way to do drag. And the same can be said about being a woman. Every woman is beautiful no matter what people say- except Ann Coulter.

10.) They’re inspirational.

It takes a big man to wear women’s clothing. Drag queens, just like Elle Woods, teach us that being yourself never goes out of style. You don’t have to wear big wigs or elaborate dresses to feel confident and beauty. Drag queens taught me that you never have to apologize for who you are. You just have to believe in yourself and make everyone EAT IT.