1. You understand that fashion is everything and that you’re nothing if you’re not dressed to impress



2. You get by in life on your looks… and you’re okay with that.


3. You know that you’re not the most well liked person in your friend group but you don’t give a shit because you know haters be jealous.

4. You do what’s best for yourself,  even though others may not like your decisions.

5. People mistake your shyness for bitchiness. I mean you can’t help it that you have bitchy resting face.


6. You don’t like overexerting yourself and try to get by in life by doing the least amount of work possible.

7. People think you’re devoid of a sense of humor, but you’re actually fucking hilarious.

8. You’re incredibly business savvy and have an entrepreneurial spirit that is unparalleled.


– A dress from her eponymous fashion line that costs more than your college education.

9. You have extremely good taste in men.

10. You’re very aware that you’re superior to everyone else, but do your best to not make all the peasants feel bad about it.