1. You have calculated how many classes you can skip without it greatly damaging your participation grade.

2. You spend your time in class doing everything but listening to your professor, including but not limited to: online shopping, Buzzfeed-ing, writing gay blogs and reading the Wikipedia pages for things like Pancake, the Defenestration of Prague, Winona Ryder’s shoplifting scandal and what happened on the last episode of American Horror Story: Coven…even though you don’t actually watch the show.

3.  You have begun to fantasize all the ways you could murder your roommates…not because you hate them but because you are starting to get cabin fever from being cooped up with them.

4. You have given up making and eating real food for yourself and instead live off of scrambled eggs, Easy Mac and sugary cereals like Cocoa Puffs and Frosted Flakes.

5. You  have considered setting yourself on fire when you think about all of the papers, projects and exams you have coming up in the next few weeks.

6. You no longer go to club meetings because getting out of bed and putting on pants is just too real of a struggle.

7. You have stopped reading assigned texts- in fact, you’ve stopped doing any preparation work for class or any assignments that won’t receive an actual grade.

8. You spend your free time stalking the Facebook pages of your friend’s from home and irrationally hate everyone who writes on their wall or appears in their photos because you’re that person’s best friend, not them… In fact, you miss your best friend so much it makes you want to murder them just so they can’t have a life outside of being with you.

9. The thought of Christmas and winter break is the only thing keeping you going.