It’s pretty much accepted that Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong. She’s beauty and she’s grace, she’s Miss United States:

But really, the girl has an Oscar, two movie franchises and the heart of every person in America yet is still completely relatable. Basically, she is everyone’s imaginary best friend soulmate and you have SO MUCH IN COMMON!


1. This is how you both interact with attractive males:


2. You both are self-deprecating .

3. You both ugly cry:

4. You both know how awful it is to be hangry.

5. You both have imaginary boyfriends.



6. You both have inadequate love lives .

7. You both understand the importance of a pre-game.

8. You both reference Mean Girls but she does it in important speeches which is really grool.

9. This is what your sleepovers would look like minus the soundstage and David Letterman.


10. You both share all the same hobbies.


11.  You both feel the same way about social interaction.

12. You also like to see the bright side of things.


13. You both are still resentful about not getting your acceptance letter to Hogwarts.


14. You both are uncomfortable on the dance floor (although if you saw her dance number in Silver Linings you know synchronized dance is her jam).

15. You both hate pants.

So basically…