It is true that things we consider to be attractive change throughout time. I sure won’t be hunting for a guy in bell bottoms or with a mullet to take home any time soon. Did people ever find mullets sexy? Not sure. Anyway, while there are certain things that were only sexy for a short amount of time, some things will always be turn you on.

1) Being able to dance.

Being able to dance is truly a gift. If a guy can dance well, I will be thoroughly impressed. Although the twerk, dougie, bernie, etc. may go out of style, dancing in general never will. Especially when it’s JT. He can rock my body all he wants.


2.) Smelling Nice

It’s one of the first things you notice when you meet someone so it can make a huge impression. For this one you have to be careful not to to wear too much. You get a pass for those rough middle school years when Axe seems like the flyest option. Know now that it ain’t.


Side note: Not sure whether this peck dance can be considered sexy so maybe just leave that party trick at home with your Axe body spray.


3.) Confidence.

Not to be confused with cockiness. Confidence will just forever be sexy.


4) Reading

Being smart is hot but not every smart guy reads. Reading says you’re not just smart but intellectual. The whole “reading sucks” thing isn’t cool after high school really. I guarantee that the majority of guys can find a book that they actually enjoy. Being able to have a conversation about a recent good read (which doesn’t include the latest Barstool blog post) is sexy. It just is.


5) Being a gentleman

Although it may be rare to find in the hookup culture we live in nowadays I can say firsthand that they do in fact exist. This means more that offering a guest meal swipe. Although food might be the quickest way to my heart you gotta try a little harder. Get your shit together fellas. Some of it is common sense. Some of it involves going the extra mile but trust me it will be GREATLY appreciated.

6) Dimples

Well. You either got ‘em or ya don’t. If ya do though #HMU.


7) Being able to sing/play music

This goes along with being able to dance. It’s charming. It’s adorable. It’s sexxxayy.


8) Being good at sports

Though half the time I might not know what’s going on in sports, usually you can tell when a guy is a good player. It’s not just about being athletic either. Though that does help, there is something about a guy specifically playing a sport that is so sexy. If you ever see a guy after a great game there is a certain energy he has. Let me tell you, it’s hot. The fact that I spent a stupid amount of time searching gifs of Cristiano Ronaldo playing soccer when I do not follow the sport whatsoever should say something.


9) Being funny

This one is a big one. If you’re a hottie but you have no sense of humor essentially to me you are not a hottie. At least be able to take a joke. If you can make me laugh though that is a huge plus.


10) Being good with kids

Refer to above gif.