In case you need to be reminded as to how most friday nights turn out.

Is this why I'm still single?

From Buzzed To Blackout


So it’s Thursday Night, or as our Founding Fathers like to call it, “Thirsty Thursday”.

And instead of spending your night in, getting some homework done or doing anything productive….

You do what any sensible college student would do:

Get wasted.

Because you’re fun.

And having a functional liver is overrated.

At first, you decide to only take a few shots.

Because you really don’t want to end the night passed out in front of a toilet and covered in vomit.

Which is what happens most Thursday nights.

Unfortunately, instead of drinking like the responsible college student you pretend to be, you drink like this:

At first you’re just buzzed.

And you’re feeling pretty awesome.

Because when you’re drunk you’re a different person. You’re a star.

And in dealing with the pressures of stardom, you decide to keep drinking.

But then it starts to hit you-

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