Messing around with people and giving them shit is part of my style. It’s all done in good taste though. Joking around is one thing but we seriously need to stop giving people shit for certain things.


1) Not having an iPhone

I’m so sorry that not being able to send emojis/group chat/etc. is such an inconvenience for you. Guess what? It is for me too so you can stop giving me shit about it.

 2) Liking One Direction

We all need to stop this. Their music is catchy, they’re all hot, and they’re not assholes. These are the type of people you shouldn’t mind that young girls to listen to…or girls who are 21…like me.


3) Choosing not to go out/on vacation because you don’t have any money

No I can’t go to Cancun. I spent all my money on textbooks. I can’t even go out to the bar tonight actually. Can I just cry with my baby Rubi(noff)?


4) Using Tinder

“It’s amusing” can be excuse enough but you shouldn’t need an excuse.


5) Casual Hookups

As long as you’re being safe who cares?


6) Liking “pussy” drinks/needing chasers.

I like cookies. I also happen to like cosmos, mikes hard, and sex on the beach. You know why? Because they taste fucking delicious. Also, yeah sorry I need a chaser sometimes after taking a shot. I prefer not to sustain the burning sensation and fugly face that develops after taking one.


7) Not having a boyfriend

Being single isn’t a death sentence. Sometimes I feel like people think you’re either in a relationship, a slut, or miserably alone. This isn’t always the case. Being single can be a great time to spend working on and finding yourself. So deep.


8) Having a boyfriend

Although it can be easy to be jealous or annoyed of people in relationships, if they’re happy, then leave them alone. I think we all want happy relationships one day and we wouldn’t want someone shitting on ours. If the relationship is toxic that’s another story. Otherwise let them be cute.


9) Wearing uggs

I’ve gone through phases with uggs. I’ve gone from wearing them when they were trendy, to hating them when they weren’t. Now in the spirit of not giving a fuck, I embrace wearing them. Uggs are warm and comfortable and if you’ve ever walked around on a 14 degree in Boston you shouldn’t be arguing with me.


10) Not watching a certain show

Trust me I think my most romantic dates lately have been with Netflix but if I get one more person going crazy about how I have to watch Game of Thrones/American Horror Story, etc. I’m gonna show you my own American Horror Story. Lawlz but seriously. You already posted dat red wedding shit all over Twitter anyway.