On this week’s snatched edition of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6, we got even more of what we’ve all grown to love this season: wonky eyed Gia, Laganja crying irrationally, Milk doing something “shocking” and Bianca telling bitches to apply “it” to the stage. Is it just me or is this season lacking the spark that made previous ones so exciting? I mean I can only hear Trinity bitch mumble so many times before I want to rip my eyes out.

For some reason, the drama between these queens comes off as irritating rather than engaging. At the beginning of our episode there’s a lot of useless garbage going on. Darienne Lake bitches about how Milk avoided the bottom three, Laganja continues to cry over extremely dumb things and Bianca tells her to pack her bags. I hate to say it, but this season is making me wish Phi Phi O’Hara was there. At least she was a bitch who shook things up- rather than Gia or Laganja who snivel and bitch rather than provide true entertainment.

This week’s challenge was the one and only Snatch Game.  And despite the fact that this challenge is a Drag Race staple, half of our queens are unprepared or pick characters they are unable to portray well. Newsflash bitches, come into the competition with a good character!  Most of the performances are wholly underwhelming. Laganja is horribly robotic as Rachel Zoe, Gia plays herself as Kim Kardashian, Trinity is completely forgettable and Milk is bland as Julia Child. Ben de la Creme delivers as Maggie Smith, despite earlier reservations that she was going to do poorly. Adore is strangely captivating as the late great Anna Nicole Smith, Bianca does Judge Judy justice and Joslyn Fox gave a LOL worthy performance as Teresa Giudice.


For the runway, the girls had to serve RuPaul Realness and emulate the goddess herself. Most of the looks weren’t entirely awful and Milk shook things up by dressing as RuPaul out of drag. Did it pay off? Who cares at this point? Ben ends up winning the challenge which brings her to two wins. Gia and Laganja end up in the bottom and after lip syncing to an incredibly lame song, Gia gets sent home. Was it time for her to go? #Absolutely.



1. Ben DelaCreme

Ben nows has two wins under her belt and she is proving to be the strongest contestant in the bunch. I am constantly impressed by her fashion and acting abilities. Ru and the other judges are starting to think she has pigeonholed herself into the old lady shtick, but I’m confident she can prove to the judges she is much more than that.

2. Bianca

Bianca is a queen who knows her talents. Sure, she may not make the riskiest decisions but she knows how to play the game smart and survive without losing her head. And props to her for showing a softer side this week by helping out fellow competitor, Adore.

3. Courtney

This week was Courtney was all too forgettable as Fran Drescher. While she has not been the most consistent in this competition, Courtney is a seasoned queen with a good heart and an eye for fashion.  As long as she plays her cards right, Courtney will sashay into the top three.

(She did nothing memorable this week hence no GIF)


4. Adore

Adore’s main issue is that she lacks the drag arsenal of most her competition. She does not have many looks and it’s clear that where she’s struggles is on the mainstage. Adore has yet to end up in the bottom two, however, because she knows how to entertain audiences and judges. Adore is clearly very passionate about drag and that will get her far in this competition. But with Adore’s poor runway presentations she can’t afford to mess up any of the challenges.

5. Joslyn Fox

Joslyn Fox is doing surprisingly well in this competition and despite her lack of experience, she should definitely not be underestimated. She’s genuinely sweet and beautiful and it’s clear from her Snatch Game presentation that she’s a lot smarter than she appears to be.

6. Darienne Lake

Darienne may not be my favorite queen but she has been doing consistently well in the challenges and is one of the better big girls when it comes to runway looks.

7.  Milk

Milk is underwhelming yet again but now that she’s admitted her own insecurities hopefully she’ll have the strength to take a risk and go glam for once

7. Laganja Estranja

Laganja is a talented performer and is pretty good when it comes to the runway. It’s unfortunate, however, that she’s the worst thing to happen to the show. All Laganja does is say “come on (insert random word)” and cry. She’s a lackluster actor and everything she does comes off as forced. All in all, GTFO Laganja.

8. Trinity K. Bonet

Hopefully with Trinity’s confession she’ll stop being such a mopey bitch. My guess is that she won’t and that her lackluster performances will have her end up in the bottom.


9. Gia Gunn

See you later- crazy, cuckoo, c*nt!