Because we’ve all been in that situation where you’re bored, someone says something stupid and then you lose your mind in your plight to educate the basic bitches of the world.

1. In your never-ending quest to end your boredom you begin scrolling through your Facebook news feed to find something to entertain you.


2. You stumble upon a status that either upsets you on a personal level or highlights an incredibly controversial issue ranging from gay rights to racism to write privilege.


3. You read through all of the comments and consider voicing your own opinion but then decide that it would be better to just leave it alone.

4. Until someone leaves a comment so horribly ignorant or devoid of evidence that you finally decide to comment because you know you would implode as a result of their stupidity if you didn’t.

5. You plan an articulate, well thought out response to the bullshit you’ve witnessed and enter the Facebook fray.

6. A random bitch completely misunderstands your point and feels the need to respond to your response by saying something overly aggressive and insulting. Or they attack your character because they know their argument is too weak to support on it’s own.

7. Your friend likes your comment to acknowledge their support of you during your time of need.

That’s right bitch my comment got 10 likes and yours only got 2. WHO’S WINNING NOW?

8. A fight emerges between you, the random bitch, the original status poster and at least 2-5 other random people who vary greatly in terms of literacy and rationality.

9. 60 comments are left in the span of 10 minutes.

10. You get extremely aggravated once you realize these people are capable of basic logic and unwilling to listen to what you actually have to say.

11. The status maker comments that they do not have to listen to the opinions of others because this is their post- despite the fact that they were clearly looking for a fight by posting such aggressive, inaccurate bullshit in the first place.


12. You fantasize about killing everyone who commented on the status and question the entire human existence.

13. You log off Facebook and blow off some steam by eating some processed snacks.