Just like Britney Spear’s meltdown in 2007, this episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race was a hot ass mess. It had bugs, angels, abortion debate, Hannibal Lecter and irrelevant celebrities.

Episode 9 was bound to be tense with the recent controversy over the transphobic slurs used on RuPaul as of late. Many former contestants voiced their opinions on the matter on social media while conversations on message boards got ugly between LGBT community members.What originally started as a simple apology from LOGO turned into an ugly, homophobic/transphobic conflict that highlighted just how fragmented the LGBT community actually is. But I digress…

Our episode begins with the queen’s coping with the destruction left in the wake of Hurricane Laganja. Adore and some of the other queens regret how they dealt with Laganja but they quickly turn their attention to Joslyn, who they see as the weakest competitor. Shown through a bunch of shady ape confessionals, it’s clear that Joslyn’s days on Drag Race may be numbered.

For this week’s main challenge the queens serve Wendy Williams realness as talk show hosts. And because LOGO doesn’t have a budget or any real social clout they bring in Chaz Bono and his grandmother, Georgia Holt. Because let’s face it, LOGO could never get Cher. I’m not one to disrespect my gay elders (I totally am) but I feel compelled to say that neither of these two people are famous and watching Chaz Bono is about as interesting as watching paint dry.

What ensues is one of the most awkward main challenges in RuPaul history. Adore and Darienne let their nerves get the best of them and stumble through their interviews while Bianca fails to pay enough attention to Georgia in her interview. Ben and Courtney are charming while Trinity fails miserably by calling Chaz “Chad” throughout her segment. Joslyn, my sweet princess, brings the topic of abortion up in conversation which leaves both the audience and her interviewees uncomfortable. But I can’t blame the queens for the awkward mishaps that ensue from this challenge. Chaz Bono is incredibly unresponsive to almost every queen, albeit Courtney, putting the queens in an awkward position. And let’s be real none of the queens know or give a fuck about Georgia so they obviously have little to ask her. Basically what you need to take away from this challenge is that Cher is a talent sucking demon who left her relatives with little to work with.

The theme of this week’s runway is animal kingdom couture. Adore stomps down the runway looking like a Hannibal hot mess, Bianca serves jungle cat down, Ben delivers an incredibly intricate and fascinating fly look and Courtney steals the spotlight with her angel ensemble.. Darienne wears grey, Joslyn wears too much and Trinity puts on a good show but it’s not enough to save her from the bottom two. In the end, Courtney wins the challenge and Adore and Trinity end up lip syncing for their lives. It is Trinity who sashays away in the end- giving a humble speech about the difference the show has made in her life. She may have been moody but Trinity sure went out on a high note.




1. Bianca Del Rio

Bianca is still the most consistent contestant by far in this competition which could ultimately bite her in the ass. She always looks beautiful but her looks are so perfect that they are no longer as impressive. Girl, take some fashion risks!  We all know you’re going to win this season but at least make it seem like the other girls have a chance.

2. Bendelacreme

Ben is starting to tone down her drag persona to become more accessible to the judges which will get her further in the competition. She’s funny, usually on point when it comes to her style and has nailed almost every challenge in the competition. She may not have the forceful presence of Bianca but her underdog style may help her usurp the crown.

3. Adore Delano

Adore Delano is one of the most likable queens in the competition because she acknowledges her flaws and is capable of embracing herself fully. Yes, her fashion can sometimes be a mess and yes she’s very inexperienced but at the same time she works so hard. She’s clearly a very passionate queen and you can’t help but root for her in the competition.

4. Courtney Act

Courtney Act is beyond polished and she is still the most beautiful queen in the competition. I’m very disappointed with the way Courtney has presented herself (or rather been edited to seem) while on the show. She’s come off as thinking she’s above the competition and that she’s better than everyone else. It’s almost impossible to root for her despite how talented she is and while I think she’s talented I don’t think  she’ll get it with the way she’s come across on the show.

5. Joslyn Fox

Let’s be honest, there’s no way in hell that Joslyn will be making the top four in this competition. It’s clear that she did not bring the outfits needed to wow the judges and that she has begun to doubt herself as a competitor. My desire to see Joslyn stay, despite my belief that she isn’t as polished as the other queens, is a testament to her magnetic personality and charm. Joslyn, don’t be sad when you sashay away- you’ll guarantee yourself a place on “All Stars” when you win Miss Congeniality.

6. Darienne Lake

I’m so glad the other queens have begun to realize just how hateful Darienne Lake can be. She’s old, stubborn and bitchy to the point that she’s almost entirely irredeemable. Darienne you’re going home next so enjoy your screen time while you can.

7. Trinity K. Bonet

I started out hating Trinity but grew to like her as the competition went on (AKA I began liking her when she stopped sucking two episodes ago). I like Trinity because she’s gorgeous but also extremely insightful and understanding of the other drag queens. She’s a genuinely tolerant person who appreciates others for who they are which is extremely noble. And she showed us that despite her lack of confidence that she was capable of doing great things in the competition.


And just for shits and giggles….