1. You are ONLY getting what is on your grocery list.

2. Ooh watermelon.

3. I just can’t get on the Kale Train.

4. Is this a good deal? How much are apples actually worth?

5. Walk away from the Ben Jerry’s.

6. Remember bitch, get what you NEED not what you WANT.

7. But like there’s a sale on “Yo Crunch”. I’d be stupid not to buy an 8 pack.

8. Why is cereal 5 dollars? It’s fucking corn syrup!

9. Getting the store brand.

10. Should I get meat?

11. Do I know how to actually cook meat?

12. I don’t want to buy too much and have it go to waste but then again I don’t want to not buy enough and then have to come back here in two days.

13. I wish I could commit to eating healthy but I just can’t.

14. Ooh cinnamon rolls.

15. Put back the cheese. You don’t want it.

16. How is that my cart is completely full and yet I don’t actually have any real food?

17. All I eat is snacks.

18. Why can’t my mom do this for me?

19. This better be under 50 dollars.

20. How am I even going to carry this back?

21. Why does that bitch need so many Oreos?

22. Well, at least I’m not as big of a fat ass as her.

23. I really want to throw a dinner party.

24. Do I really need all of this? What can I put back?

25. Ugh I’m too lazy to put it back in the right place. So I’m just going to leave it here….

26. Am I a bad person?

27. Is it bad to start eating things before I pay because I really want some Chips Ahoy right now.

28. How was this 75 dollars?!

29. I feel so poor.

30. FML I’m going home and eating this ice cream as soon as I get back.