1.) Not being able to differentiate between Asians

While it would definitely be an overstatement to say that every Asian person looks like Jackie Chan/Lucy Liu to a white person, it’s pretty clear white people are pretty ig’nant when it comes to Asians. White people are about as good at differentiating between Asians as they are between crocodiles and alligators- but it’s not because we’re bad people, it’s because we’re lazy.  And not only are we bad at differentiating between the various countries of origin, but we’re even guilty of being unable to differentiate between one Asian person and another. My Asian roommate gets Bryan Cranston and Robin Williams confused though so maybe this is something all people are guilty of.

2.) Avoiding minorities at night

You know that kid in middle school who would talk shit but run away as soon as they were confronted? Well, that’s basically most white people. White people are TERRIFIED of minorities. They have this fear that because of past wrongdoings or societal injustices that every black or latino person wants to kick their ass. White people avoid minorities while walking at night for fear of being mugged or attacked or what not and it’s sad- hey white people, maybe we’d be less scared of getting our asses kicked if we like, you know, treated everyone equally and didn’t fuck other people over all the time.

3.) Justifying white privilege.

White people love to get up in arms over “white privilege” and get defensive whenever those privileges are acknowledged. What’s worse is that most people get defensive about the issue without even knowing what white privilege actually is. Newsflash bitches, white privilege isn’t about feeling bad because you were given certain things in life, it’s about acknowledging that not everyone is afforded the same opportunities and that some people are given greater chances to succeed than others.

4.) Saying, “he’s pretty cute for a (insert race)”

People need to stop saying this…and thinking it. Just because someone doesn’t look like you doesn’t mean they’re ugly. And if you really think about it most white people are grossly overweight and pay to see Transformers movies in theaters which makes us pretty undesirable anyways.

5. Saying, “(insert race) guys aren’t my type”

I don’t understand people who say they aren’t attracted to an ENTIRE race of people. Oh you don’t like Asians?  Newsflash bitch, there’s over 4 billion Asians in the world so I think chances are you’d find at least one of them attractive.

6. Using the “n” word because rappers do

With the popularity of rap music white people now feel like they are entitled to using the “n” word whenever they want. They fail to realize that there are still people out there who find that word to be offensive. I mean just because Jay Z likes the word doesn’t mean all black people do. And it’s not really fair for white people to use it, especially considering the fact that minorities don’t have an equally as vile slur to throw at whites. Unless you consider cracker to be a slur- which I don’t because I think it’s a funny word.

7.) Calling all black people “African Americans”

Not all black people are African Americans. That’s a fact. Also, why do we even call them African Americans? It’s not like I walk around calling myself “Irish American”.’

8.) Say “I’m not racist because I have an (insert race) friend”

This is basically the racist version of “no offense”. Just because you have a black friend doesn’t mean you’re not racist! Racism doesn’t necessarily have to be about thinking you’re better than a whole group of people fundamentally. It can even be the expectation that because you’re of a certain race you deserve something more than someone else. Saying this statement is basically saying, “I went to the gym today so that means I’m fit”. Just because you went on the elliptical for 5 minutes for the first time in a year does not mean you’re athletic all of the sudden.

9.) Saying “He/She doesn’t even act (insert race)”‘

No. just no.