1.) Trying to take a cute “ugly” snapchat and just looking “ugly” ugly.

2.) Being constantly reminded of how “smart” or “kind” you are because you know how limited compliments for you are.


3.) Only being courted by other ugly people.


4.) Trying to find friends uglier than you you so that you can look more attractive by default.


 5.) Scaring yourself unexpectedly when you walk in front of a mirror.


6.) Finding pictures of you that are cute, but also not so misrepresentative that when a person meets you they aren’t disappointed that you don’t look like you do in the picture.

7.) Learning and developing impressive skills so that people just might find you in some way decent enough to date let alone procreate with.

8.) Having to listen to your friends bitch about pretty people problems- like which guy they should hook up with or whether or not they should buy the really revealing bathing suit.

9.) The difficulty of getting into clubs or bars.


10.) People mistaking you as a mole person.