You’re a natural born leader who prefers routine and order. You may not be the most exciting of your friends but you’re always there for them when they need you and you remain true to your values in spite of all odds. So yeah you may be a vanilla bitch, but vanilla is delicious so it’s whatevz.


You’re most likely the  misunderstood one in your friend group because of your general awkwardness and poorly timed/completely inappropriate jokes. You’re an odd person but people find your honesty and individuality  to be a breath of fresh air. So while you may not be the leader of or the coolest one in the bunch, you’re still a pretty rad person who people can feel comfortable being themselves around.


You’re the Princess of the group. You love being melodramatic and making things all about you (but in an endearing way of course). You’re not afraid to express your emotions and let people know exactly what it is you’re thinking. You can sometimes be a lot too handle but you’re confident in who you are and aren’t afraid to say “fuck you” to the haters.  Besides no one could really hate you- you’re too damn cute!


You’re the best friend of the group. You’re extremely easy going and tend to be the peacekeeper of the group. People have a tendency to take you for granted and may not always think about  how you feel, but you try to remain optimistic regardless.  Just make sure to remind people that your feelings are just as important as theirs!



People fucking love you! You’re easily the fan favorite of the group because of your originality and quirkiness. You see the best in people and you bring the party with you wherever you go. You’re also the type to constantly be running around and often find yourself distracted by the little things in life. Focus your ish and you’ll go far, bby!

Donkey Kong

You’re an independent type who doesn’t allow his or her self to get to wrapped up in other people’s drama.  You just come and go as you please. And while you may not seem like the most intelligent or interesting person, people are constantly surprised by how awesome you actually are. Also you look like a monkey.


You’re the chill one in your friend group. Sure you may not be the most exciting, nor the most likable, but you’re quite aware of your surroundings and give out great advice. People look to you because of your stable nature and appreciate that you don’t let things phase you. Unfortunately you’re also kind of a basic bitch.


You’re the kind of person who says whatever is on your mind. You generally have a more negative outlook on life and see the worst in others- but at least you do it in a humorous way. So yeah you’re a douche waffle but at least you’re funny enough to make it entertaining.


Yeah you’re just a douche waffle.


You’re the most morally questionable one in your friend group. You do what is in your own  best interest and ignore the opinions of others, even if it pisses them off. You also have a tendency to be extremely confrontational and pick fights with others for no good reason. But in reality you’re just a misunderstood individual who wants to be loved. Oh also you might be a fucking mutated lizard turtle from hell.


No offense but you’re the wannabe slut of the group who can’t get any because you’re just too repulsive. But on the bright side, at least you know how to accessorize?

You’re the new kid in town who wishes people gave you the chance to show them just how rad you are. You’re a beautiful mystery to people which makes you somewhat unapproachable- but don’t worry someone is bound to learn how fantastic you are!



You’re a fucker. Plain and simple.
Green Koopa

You’re a sweet guy who has terrible timing. You end up in the worst situations and it seems that you’re eternally out of luck. But keep on trucking-  maybe someday things will work out (they won’t).

Red Koopa