1.) Did someone hold the cast of Orange is the New Black and force them to come to this travesty of an event?

2.) What the FUCK is a  Riff Raff?

3.) Dark Horse won best Female video because………….Egyptian appropriation?

4.) Why does Ariana Grande sound like she’s gargling mouth wash when she sings?

5.) “Bang Bang” is a hot mess.


7.) There are a lot of boring white women performing tonight (looking at you T-Swift)

8.) LOL Lorde won the VMA for Best Rock Video

9.) This show is literally 15 hours long.

10.) Sam Smith is so good at being sad and gay.

11.) Does Usher still come out with new music? Does Maroon 5 still deserve to exist?

12.) I’m confused about this whole Miley Cyrus homeless thing…. but yay for awareness?

13.) 5 Seconds of Summer will only have about 5 seconds of relevancy.

14.) Didn’t Chris Brown get shot at…like yesterday?

15.) Black Widow is a shitty song. That is a fact.

16.) Remember when you fell off the stage, Iggy Azalea?


When she reaffirmed she takes no shit for anyone.

18.) Why wasn’t the VMAs just a Beyonce concert?

When she gave the world the "My Body Is Ready" reaction GIF they didn't know they needed.

19.) Are those Asian women in white face behind her?

Even this person is like, "Please, Beysus, whisper your Holy ways into my pale ears."


And of course, when she threw the gauntlet down. Shots fired y'all!

21.) It’s Beyonce’s world.. we’re all just living in it.

The Internet Just Died During The Beyonc� Performance At The VMAs

22.) Blue Ivy is so cute! Nothing like that hobbit North!

23.) Yaaaaaaaaaaas Carter family!

And let's just say, those rumors were finally addressed...

24.) Thank God this fucking show is over.