Here we are folks, week 2 of drag race. Following Tempest’s obvious elimination, the queens gather in the workroom to throw shade at each other. Miss Fame acts robotic, Sasha wanders around like John Goodman in a wig, and Pearl gives us life with her blank bitch stare. For the mini challenge the queens are asked to pose seductively while being harassed by a leaf blower and the winners Trixie and Glamour Toad become team captains. It is then that Mama Ru reveals this week’s main challenge- an air line themed lip sync extravaganza.

Kasha, Ginger, and Violet are the standouts of the performance. Resident funny queen, Katya, fumbles with her lines and ends up giving a weak performance. Resident basic queen, Sasha, does as poorly as you’d expect and Miss Fame lives up to her title of “Drag Supermodel” by showing us she’s incapable of doing anything besides walking and looking pretty. The rest of the queens deliver adequate if not forgettable performances and in the end Katya and Sasha go head to head in the Lip Sync for Your Life. If the show was truly unscripted Miss Fame would have gone against Sasha and found herself sashaying away. But the judges can’t have Miss Fame leave just yet; she’s too well known and conflict oriented to go home early, even if she can’t perform for shit. Sasha had no chance against Katya and she sashays away just as I expected.



Ginger Minj is basically the less annoying but equally talented Ben De La Creme of this season. She’s got great stage presence, passable style, and a personality that is award winning. As long as she doesn’t royally fuck up a costume challenge, she should be here for a while.


Even though I think Violet is a nasty twat, I have to admit that she is talented. She has fantastic style and is surprisingly good on stage. If she is able to make the judges (and the viewers) like her, then she has a very good chance of making it to the top three.


Pearl is FANTASTIC, I don’t care what you fuckers have to say. She gives great side eye and her aesthetic is unique and fresh. She may not be the most showy of contestants, but she’s got a good head on her shoulders and a desire to take risks.


Katya fucked up this week. That’s a fact. But at the same time she’s a wonderfully talented queen with a great sense of humor. Katya’s fumble tonight is akin to Juju’s country fiasco back in season 2. She’ll be back on top before you know it.


Trixie’s look is starting to grow on me. I also appreciate her commitment to consistency when it comes to her styling choices. She’s a fully realized queen who knows how to serve and make people laugh. And as far as we know, the judges don’t hate her face, which means she could do quite well in this competition.


Kasha Davis did great in this challenge and showed us that while she may not be the most original of the queens, she certainly is well rounded. She could go quite far in this competition if she continues to stay under the radar and play the game as graciously as she does.


This episode we learned that Miss Fame’s grandfather got murdered and that her mother was an alcoholic and yet I still can’t help but feel like she’s a robot programmed to say that.


WHO CARES! DO SOMETHING MEMORABLE YOU BITCHES! Except for you Jasmine, tone down everything you’re doing.


This ain’t RuPaul’s Biggest Fan Race, OKURRR?!