Welcome back to RuPaul Rucap, my weekly recap of RuPaul’s Drag Race that only furthers the consensus that I am just too gay to be redeemable. This week we were introduced to the cliques of the season, the old queens (Ginger, Kasha, Jasmine, and Kennedy) versus the young queens (literally everyone else). The old queens think that the younger queens are too immature to comprehend the art of drag and the young queens think the older ones should be brought out to pasture. It’s an interesting clique dynamic, but not strong enough to survive the whole season- especially when you consider most of the older queens (with the exception of Ginger) aren’t going to last long.

For our mini challenge our queens danced while dressed up like old ladies b/c Downton Abbey. Kennedy and Max were the winners and given the opportunity to pick their teams for Shakesqueer-a theatrical performance based on Shakespeare’s plays “Hamlet” and “MacBeth”. It is quickly revealed-to no one’s surprise- that these queens know absolutely nothing about Shakespeare, which only confirms what I already knew- drag queens are illiterate.

Max’s team, despite a hysterical meltdown from Jaidyn, does well. Max and Ginger really shine in their roles and the other queens are passable enough not to draw any negative attention. Kennedy’s team, however, performs atrociously. The only performance who isn’t completely awful is Kandy, and let’s face it, she’s still awful. It becomes clear to Mama Ru that these queens did not prepare for the challenge, especially Jasmine who fails to deliver when she can’t remember any of her lines.

The queens then strut down the runway in their best Willam drag (bearded). Max, Katya, Miss Fame, and Pearl slay the runway with their devastatingly beautiful looks, but for the most part no queen delivers anything particularly horrid. Jasmine ends up in the bottom for her bad performance alongside Kennedy for her poor leadership skills. The two lip sync to a Kylie Minogue song no one has ever heard and Jasmine is ultimately sent packing. BYE GIRL, I’LL MISS YOU?



While Ginger may not have won this challenge, she had me in stiches with her performance in Romy and Juliet. She’s a queen who understands the importance of comedic timing and she’s proven to be highly versatile in this competition. Is there anything this glamour toad can’t do?


Max really impressed me this week with both her performance and amazing runway. I may not still be entirely sold on her weird accent, but I’ve realized that she’s capable of stepping into the spotlight when need be.


Pearl has great fashion; unfortunately, her performances are a bit lackluster. She failed to impress in the main challenge and has yet to show the judges why she deserves to be here. But after Ru’s demand for her to “wake up”, I think it’s safe to say Pearl knows she needs to step up her game.


Kasha isn’t the greatest queen of the bunch but she’s been far more consistent than her fellow competitors, which means she deserves some respect. She may not steal the attention but she sure knows how to fly under the radar.


Trixie is an interesting queen when it comes to aesthetic, but she’s yet to impress with her stage perfomances. Girl, if you look like a clown you better learn how to act like one.


Violet is still pretty insufferable but at the very least she delivers well on the runway. While her performance in the main challenge may have been a flop, I think she has it in her to do well in this competition.


The frustrating thing about Katya is that she’s definitely talented and versatile. Unfortunately, she hasn’t really been serving her best work as of late. While her Babreham Lincoln look was inspired, her performances in the main challenges have not.


Let’s be honest, Jaidyn had a breakdown way too early in the season. It’s great that she wants the crown, but she’s going to have to pull her shit together in order to get it.


Congratulations on having a beard the judges actually liked! NEXT!