To all the 5 people reading this article, welcome back to another week of RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap.  This week are queens were tasked with making parody videos of RuPaul’s greatest hits, which shouldn’t have been too difficult considering RuPaul’s music is heinous to begin with. Max, Jaidyn, and Violet are given Sissy That Walk and the other two groups are given songs I’ve never heard, for good reason. It’s pretty clear from the beginning that these videos aren’t going to turn out well. Katya, per usual, is put on a team doomed from the start. She, along with Trixie, Miss Fame, Katya and Pearl produce a terrible “tan themed” that hardly has the judges in stitches. Trixie and Pearl are both incredibly one note, Miss Fame is a drama queen during the rehearsal process, and Katya is the only one who manages to deliver a not so horrible performance. The other group (Kennedy, Kasha, Kandie, and Ginger) make a rather tame parody song about RuPaul and her product placements and insult Drag U in the process- which, let’s face it, was horrible in and of itself. Kennedy and Ginger emerge as the stars of the piece, Kennedy even more so, much to everyone’s surprise. The Sissy That Walk group has the best parody of all, but that’s mostly because they were given the easiest song.

Against Michelle’s wishes, the theme of the runway is the color green. Violet bares her boy bum, Max walks the runway looking like a butterfly hooker, and Pearl has completely gone Anaconda. The other looks are rather tame or uninspired. Kennedy wins the challenge and Trixie, Kandie, and Pearl end up in the bottom three. Trixie is told that despite her clownish look she’s yet to show any personality, Kandie is in the bottom because she just plain sucks, and Pearl is chastised once again for looking bored. Trixie and Pearl are forced to lip sync for their lives and ultimately Trixie is sent packing. While this may seem like a shock, it’s a fair elimination. Trixie failed to sparkle for the judges and Pearl was given her spot, but that’s mostly because she’s the only hot one out of drag.



This Glamour Toad is going for the crown. She’s delivered for every challenge and her fashion sense is offensive enough to keep her off the judges’ radar. She’s funny, quick witted, and the most likely to take the crown at this point.


Max may not have been the best this week, but she certainly was the worst. Sure her wigs may all look the same and her accent may be terrible, but she’s coming out of her shell and showing that she has the energy needed to win this competition. And props to her- she’s one of the few queens who actually puts some thought behind her runway.


Poor Katya, when will you be put on a good team? Katya continues to be the best part of every horrid group she’s put in and her wicked sense of humor has made her an easy fan favorite. Let’s hope that the queens are allowed some solo performances, God knows Katya deserves that at this point.


You know, I thought at some point Violet would stop being a horrid bitch- unfortunately, I was dead wrong. She’s one of the most consistent queens in the competition and despite being young she’s incredibly polished when it comes to aesthetic and performance. Now if she could stop being a bitch for five minutes maybe she’d actually stand a chance of winning.


Jaidynn is the token sassy queen of the competition. She’s like a more put together version of Jiggly Caliente. Her runway looks all look identical and she doesn’t seem to be the smartest one in the bunch, but she has such great energy. She’s fun to watch and knows how to ham things up for the judges, which means she’s bound to stay around for a bit.


I still don’t like Kennedy, I think she looks like a Muppet. With that being said, she did redeem herself this week with her parody performance. Do I think she’s versatile enough to make it to the top 3? Absolutely not, but she’s shown that she is more than just a pageant queen.


Kasha is campy and old school. She’s overly theatrical and her outfits are tacky. But she’s seasoned and knows how to work a stage and do an acting challenge correctly. She’ll be able to coast by in the competition until they need more than a better than average performer.


I honestly believed Trixie when she said that she had more to offer than what was seen. She was strangely captivating and it seemed like she had more up her sleeve. Unfortunately, she waited until it was too late. I do think though that if Mama Ru decides to bring back any queens that it’ll be Trixie, so perhaps we’ll see her again soon.

Miss Fame

Miss Fame is beyond obnoxious. She’s cold and calculated, like a robot, and even when she isn’t horrible, she isn’t great. She’ll be packing her bags soon.


Pearl, wake up, bitch! You’re so beautiful and talented. Please show the judges that. And, for the love of God, learn how to fucking act or pack your bags ASAP.


Why is she still here? She’s so boring!!!!!!