It seems RuPaul’s agenda this season is to give us diabetes. That is quite possibly the only explanation as to how Kandi Ho has lasted this long in the competition. But before we get to discuss another controversial elimination, let’s start at the beginning.

Things are heated in the workroom this week. Trixie Mattel has just been sent home and the remaining queens are both confused and irritated as to why Pearl, who gave a mediocre lip sync performance, is still around.  RuPaul’s attempts to light a fire under Pearl seemed to have had an adverse effect. Instead of her being determined to win, she seems sourer than ever before.  But remember hunties, the editors love to play with audience expectations when it comes to scenarios like this.

The theme of this week is Hollywood. For the mini challenge our queens are asked to recreate famous red carpet looks, from Bjork to Lady Gaga. They are then split up into teams of 2 for the main challenge: a drag queen inspired award show. The queens are expected to present and receive fictional drag awards and come up with stunning looks and witty banter. The teams are as follows:

Max and Pearl

Ginger and Kandi

Jaidynn and Kennedy

Katya and Mrs. Kasha Davis

Miss Fame and Violet

Like most challenges, the best performers are the unexpected ones. Max and Pearl, the reserved queens of the competition, give a hammy performance that has the judges in stitches. Miss Fame and Violet are slightly robotic, as usual, and deliver a lewd act that lacks in humor. Katya and Mrs. Kasha Davis don’t play off each other well and Kasha ends up being quite unmemorable. Ginger is wonderful, Kandi is bleh, and Jaidynn and Kennedy do yet another somewhat stereotypical act. My hope is that Jaidynn, who has been relegated to playing the ghetto queen, is allowed to better show her versatility.

Max and Pearl end up winning the challenge, which is kind of surprising. Pearl is rewarded for coming out of her shell perhaps too much and it seems a calculated move on the producers’ part to keep her around. To be fair, Pearl is a beautiful underdog, but she does not have the personality needed to nab the crown. Mrs. Kasha Davis and Kandi end up in the bottom, which the former doesn’t deserve.  Kandi and Violet/Miss Fame should have been the ones to lip sync. It’s also too bad that the queens were judged by their team efforts, Ginger and Kennedy were actually the best ones this challenge.

Ru tells Kasha to sashay away after a wonderfully executed lip sync. It feels like déjà vu, having to watch another campy queen sashay away in favor of one that has failed to impress. While I never anticipated Kasha winning the competition, I think she deserved to stay more than Kandi. But I digress, here are the rankings!



I’m actually glad Michelle made a comment about Ginger’s Velcro forehead; it has been bothering me for quite some time. I will say, however, that Ginger’s community service line was the funniest thing in the whole challenge. Ginger is a rare breed of drag queen, rivaled only by the great Ben De La Crème. She’s what Jinkx Monsoon could be if Jinkx knew how to fucking apply makeup or wear clothes. She’s the one to beat this season.


Max was a little forgettable this challenge, but she continues to perform well in the challenges. It’s a little frustrating that she’s still wearing grey wigs every week, but it’s her shtick. Max has great fashion and a soft heart, which make her one of the queens to root for.


Katya seems like a queen who hasn’t quite mastered the whole “being on camera” thing. She’s hilarious but sometimes underperforms, which may be due to nerves.  Her fashion isn’t too inspired but she’s just too likable to dislike. She is the Pandora Boxx of this season; let’s just hope she never makes any music.


Violet was not the biggest bitch in the universe this week! In fact, she was almost kind of likable. Her performance wasn’t too good, but that’s not her fault- she’s just not a funny person. Violet is a beautiful queen and never fails to deliver a look, but it is clear that she’s green when it comes to acting challenges. She wants this crown though so I don’t expect her sashaying away any time soon.


I don’t like Kennedy. I will say, however, that she’s actually kind of funny. I enjoyed her performance this week and think that she has been improving. With that being said, she looks like Miss Frogger.


Pearl did well in this competition, but I feel as if her stay on the show is being extended more because of the producers than her own talent. I’m hopeful that she’ll keep up the good work and continue to grow, but if she stumbles next week then she’s got to go.


Jaidynn has sat comfortably in the middle this competition. She’s not amazing, but she’s not bad either. She does possess some kind of star quality though and has a bubbly personality that makes you want her to succeed. Only time will tell if she’ll actually deliver.

Miss Fame

What’s with the chicken shit? Like, does she actually think we believe she was born on this planet? Still convinced she’s an alien robot.


Poor Kasha, it wasn’t your time to go. Next week was your time to go.