Hello my sweet kittens and welcome back to the weekly RuPaul’s Drag Race Rucap, the blogging equivalent of every Katherine Heigl movie. This week we discuss a not so controversial elimination, a Divine homage, and my favorite topic ever-POOP!

Episode 9 starts with our queens returning to the workroom following the battle of the conjoined queens, during which Trixie earned her way back into the competition. There is a little shade thrown, mostly at Trixie, and it becomes obvious that we’ve hit the point in the competition where our queens are ready to do what it takes to win the crown. This is no longer RuPaul’s Best Friends Race, hennies!

Our mini challenge this week is the reading challenge, a series staple. And while no queen may be as memorable as JuJubee was during her session, Katya, Trixie, and Ginger to come up with some impressive digs and Miss Fame flat lines obviously. But it’s not her fault, she grew up on a chicken farm after all- she wasn’t watching fucking comedy shows (it’ll make sense later).

Trixie wins and RuPaul announces the main event of the episode: a John Waters themed musical.  The queens are paired off and tasked with taking an iconic Divine movie moment and bringing it to life with song and dance. And if you know Divine at all you’re well aware that these queens have some big frocks to fill.

The teams are as follows:

Ginger and Trixie

Katya and Kennedy

Pearl, Miss Fame, and Violet

It’s clear from the beginning that the team of three is fucked beyond belief. Pearl, Miss Fame, and Violet are all style oriented queens who have yet to really shine in the acting challenges. Pearl has been criticized for her low energy, Miss Fame is unable to ever get outside of her head, and Violet doesn’t know how to do anything that doesn’t involve a corset. But to be fair, they aren’t the only team that struggles. During filming Trixie fails to bring the high camp needed for the piece and is easily outshined by Ginger and Katya carries Kennedy for their scene. The only queens who truly rise to the occasion are Ginger and Katya, which makes sense because they are the two foulest queens in the competition. Unfortunately the other queens fail to embody the hilariously twisted spirit of Divine and end up looking like bad child actors.

For the main stage our queens are tasked with serving their ugliest dress drag for Ru and guest judges John Waters, Demi Lovato, and Carson (Were you on a sabbatical bitch?) Ginger struts down the runway serving booger realness, Katya looks like a Milkmaid hooker, Kennedy gives us Big Momma’s House, and Violet manages to look stunning in a clown costume. Trixie, Miss Fame, and Pearl, however, fail to really deliver what has been asked from them and are read accordingly.

Before Ru decides the bottom two she asks the queens who they think should sashay away next. The majority of the girls say its Miss Fame’s time to go as she has been in the bottom for the majority of the challenges. Violet, on the other hand, says Trixie should be more heavily scrutinized than the other girls because she’s managed to nab a Top 7 place without doing all the work. And in a tense moment, Miss Fame argues that Pearl should be sent packing for her lackluster attitude and seeming “I don’t give a shit” attitude, which Pearl quickly contests.

In the end Ginger is named the winner of the challenge and quickly reclaims her place as top queen. Pearl and Miss Fame aren’t as lucky and forced to lip sync to Demi Lovato’s “I Really Don’t Care.” And for the most part, the lip sync is HORRIBLE. Both queens are low energy and neither really brings their all to their showdown, although in their defense it’s difficult to dance well to a song as insufferable as that one. Unfortunately Mama Ru does not pull a Honey Mahogany/Vivienne Pinay and decides that Pearl is more worthy of a spot in the competition so we have to say goodbye to our favorite chicken loving alien, Miss Fame.



Ginger is back on top, baby! It was clear from the beginning of this episode that Ginger had the challenge in the bag and yet she managed to still exceed expectations with her performance. While not everyone may be a fan of her runways, she continues to slay the performance challenges and stir the pot in Untucked. There’s absolutely no way she won’t be in the top 3.


God bless Mom. Katya did really well in this challenge and had she taken the meatier part she probably would have won it all. Katya has been on the rise since her stint in the bottom and her online presence has made her the obvious fan favorite. But ever since I stumbled upon Reddit, where all of the fans have predicted her to go next, I’ve grown worried for my queen. I’m starting to think she won’t make it to the top 3 and may in fact be o. Hopefully I’m wrong though because season 7 is nothing without her.


I hate to admit it but Kennedy is actually doing pretty well in the competition. She may not be a pretty queen like April or a comedy queen like Ginger, but she has been far more consistent than the younger girls in the competition. And if you’ve seen a Kennedy lip sync before you know that she can dance circles around these bitches so even if she does end up in the bottom she’ll most likely send the other queen home.


Violet nabs this spot because she’s grown throughout the competition. She’s still not a good actor, but her performance in this week’s challenge was better than her previous acting performances and her runway was stunning. Violet is destined to end up in the top 3 because she embodies a type of winner we’ve yet to get: young, polished, and inventive. She’s given us more inspired looks than any other queen this season and she wants this so badly that getting crowned may actually be in the cards for her.


Now I’m about to voice an unpopular opinion, so I apologize to all of the Pearl fans in advance. Pearl has NOT performed well enough to justify the top 3 spot she’s most likely going to end up getting. She may have great runways, great confessionals, and a great face, but she’s seemingly too introverted to really shine in the bulk of the acting challenges. She shouldn’t have won the DESPY awards and her performance in the John Waters challenge was so-so. In fact, her best performance to date was as Big Ang in Snatch Game. I’m hoping that she steps up her game in the next couple of episodes because if not, I’ll be resentful that she got so far in the competition.


Oh Trixie, when are you going to impress me? Last week Trixie had such a fire under her ass and yet in this week’s challenge she failed to deliver. Maybe the issue is that Trixie’s appearance is so outrageous that it makes her shy personality seem underwhelming and out of place. Either way bitch needs to get her shit together or else Max fans are going to come into her room at night and cut up her fucking wigs.

Miss Fame

Miss Fame, it was your time to go. Thank you for your weird chicken noises though!