1.  Why is it that the women who say “I hate drama” are the ones most likely to cause it?

2. Who is keeping the light wash denim industry in business?

3. If someone goes to a country concert but doesn’t Instagram a picture of it, did the concert even happen?

4. Does shitting yourself in public build character?

5. Is the Illuminati real?

6. Where have all the cowboys gone?

7. Why is it taboo to wear a pair of underwear two days in a row?

8.  Does Kirstie Alley read the newspaper?

9. When will tamagotchi make a comeback?

10. Do people really think 9/11 was an inside job?

11. If you took all of the internet trolls in the world, put them on an island, and then nuked said island- would it REALLY be considered genocide?

12.   Are the words “squishy” and “moist” never not upsetting?

13.   If Winona Ryder could shoplift again without getting caught, would she?

14.   Where is the best place to get a dessert pizza?

15.   How is Johnny Cupcakes still in business?

16.   What do you do when Google can’t answer an extremely specific question you have?

17.   When will RuPaul commence the rapture?

18.   Why do women feel the need to buy expensive workout clothes when they have no intention of actually exercising?

19.   Why isn’t  there a movie called Ghost Writer about an undead Nicolas Cage writing Kylie Jenner’s next book?

20.   Why don’t people respect other people’s gender identities, sexual orientations, body types, and life choices?

21.   How do you lick your food bowl in public without upsetting the people around you?

22.   Is Dog the Bounty Hunter included in the phrase, “All Dogs Go to Heaven”?

23. Why do people have the audacity to send a Snapchat to a person AND include it as their story…like bitch you know I’m going to have to see this shit twice now.

24. Is there a correlation between low brain activity and people who obsess over super hero movies

25. Do I personally know someone who has ever given or received a blumkin?