Today Mother Ru answered our prayers by announcing All Stars 2. Although it may be awhile until we see our fave queens duke it out again, there’s no reason why we can’t start imagining who will make the cut.

1. Laganja Estranja

Love her or hate her, Laganja Estranja was one of the breakout stars of season 6 with her quirky catchphrases and overactive tear ducts. She has grown immensely since her run on the show and she continues to impress with her insane dance abilities and music collaborations. All Stars 2 could truly benefit from her high energy and insane antics, OKCURR?

2. Alyssa Edwards

Don’t get it twisted, Alyssa Edwards WILL be on All Stars 2. There’s no way she wouldn’t be, she’s just too hilarious and too fish to be left out.

3. Tatianna

Tatianna may not know how to “converse” well, but she sure is a great queen nonetheless! Like Laganja, she’s only gotten better since her stint on RPDR, and she’s still one of the most beautiful queens to ever strut down the runway. Her honesty, unnecessary bluntness, and shade slinging abilities are much needed in a post Reddit Drag Race. In conclusion: “Thank you”

4. BenDeLaCrème

It’s a shame that Ben was never fully understood or appreciated by the judges, as she was one of the best queens of season 6. She’s incredibly witty, immaculately styled, and oozes perfection without seeming robotic. Her terminally delightful persona may not be for everyone, but her consistent character and work ethic make her a formidable foe for All Stars 2.

5. Katya

There is no way that our resident Russian hooker will be absent from All Stars 2; she’s what made season 7 worthwhile. She’s “Mom”! Katya is the intersection of camp and glamour, she’s a hilarious queen who can excel at any challenge, and if she’s truly overcome her feelings of anxiety and self-doubt, she’ll be the Terminator of the season.

6. Ongina

Season 1 is known as the forgotten season…and for a good reason. With that being said, Ongina was the best part of it! She’s hilarious, sweet, and has a unique sense of style that separates her from other queens. It’s about time that they bring her back and let her compete in a real season.

7. Shangela

Okay, so Shangela has already been on the show two times already, but who’s to say she can’t be on it again?!  Shangela is still one of the biggest stars to come from Drag Race, and she continues to get better and better as time goes on. She can sing, she can dance, she can act, she can make you laugh until you pee, and she can Nancy Drew better than those other bitches.  Regardless of how many times she’s been on the show, Shangie makes good TV and that’s a fact, so let’s bring her back!

8. Morgan

Morgan McMichaels is one of the more famous RPDR queens, which is funny considering she didn’t get all that far in her season. She’s a captivating queen; she’s beautiful with a bite. She’s also a fantastic performer who doesn’t shy away from confrontation. Morgan deserves a second chance to show the world that she’s capable of snagging the crown.

9. Willam & Detox

Willam has pretty much confirmed that he will not be on All Stars 2, but perhaps if we threaten to boycott WoW they’ll put him on! Willam is the most successful queen to come from RPDR. She’s dominated social media and made a name for herself outside of the LGBTQ+ community. She’s ballsy, hilarious, and although she may be mouthy, she has the talent to back up her bitchiness.

For some reason, I don’t think Detox will be on All Stars 2 either, which is a shame because she’s wonderful. Detox is a fantastic queen; she’s hilarious, seductive, and always says what is on everyone’s mind. She’d be a tough queen to take down on All Stars 2.

10. Alaska

Like Chad Michaels, Alaska has All Stars in the bag. She has the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent needed to nab the crown and she’s one of the most captivating drag queens on the planet. She’s a quadruple threat, and it’s about time an alien won.

11. Phi Phi O’Hara

Phi Phi was the villain of her season and pretty much hated by everyone for about two years. She’s grown a lot since then and is no longer the unpolished bitch she used to be. She’s now a talented makeup artist and stylist and she’s honed her skills, which would make her a drag assassin on All Stars 2.

12. Max

When season 7 first premiered, Max was the queen to beat. Unfortunately she stumbled and saw herself leaving the competition much earlier than expected. Max has so much potential and it’s a shame we didn’t get to see it on the show. She’s beautiful, kind, and brings something different to the table. Besides, can we really bring back Trixie just to eliminate her for a third time?

Honorable Mentions

Adore: I’m not sure if her one wig could take the competition pressure.

Miss Fame: The cosmic queen departed, so unless there’s a return shuttle I don’t know if she’d get back in time.

Joslyn Fox: Similar to Adore’s issue but with jewelry.

Roxxxy: Do people still hate her?

Nicole Paige Brooks: God willing.