1.) She’s a musical chameleon!

Whether she’s performing at the Oscars, jammin’ with Tony Bennett, or rolling around on the ground in nothing but a thong on one of her tours, Lady Gaga has shown us she’s the most versatile performer to date. She’s a vocal powerhouse; she can do Sting, she can do 4NonBlondes, and she can slay all of your faves.

2.) She IS the one and only concept queen.

Lady Gaga played a major role in the music video renaissance, in fact, she’s really the only person deserving of  any video music awards. The fashion, outrageous plotlines, and insane choreography she includes in all of her music videos are beyond iconic. Gaga isn’t one to take things too literally, her music videos are full of allusions and imagery that take several views to pick up on. Alejandro, Bad Romance, Telephone, Born This Way, and G.U.Y are videos that prove Gaga is more than just a popstar, she’s a goddamn scholar.

3.) She LIVES for the applause.

Whenever Lady Gaga performs she puts on a goddamn show. She doesn’t lip sync like Britney or Madonna, she doesn’t throw on a kimono and pretend she’s revolutionary like Katy Perry, and she certainly doesn’t rely on celeb cameos like Taylor Swift. Gaga relies on her sheer talent and theatricality and when you see her in concert you know she’s giving it her all. And let’s not forget her performance of “Paparazzi” at the 2009 VMAS, which was better than the entire 2015 shit show.

4.) She wore a fucking meat dress to an award show.

When will your fave?

5.) She’s an American Horror Story.

Gaga is playing a lead on this season of American Horror Story thus confirming my theory that she is, in fact, the Supreme. Gaga’s transition to TV and film (let’s not forget about Machete Kills, people) has been a long time coming. It’s nice to have a singer that is really embracing all of the opportunities her career has provided her, and I can’t wait to see her kill some peeps on national TV.

6.) She doesn’t give a flying fuck what other people think!

Let’s be real, Lady Gaga isn’t as famous as she used to be. Her music has become more polarizing and she’s strayed from the typical pop that would land her a top spot on the charts. She doesn’t let people box her in anymore nor does she care what they think. Lady Gaga is a fucking weirdo, just like her fans, and it’s nice that she no longer defines her success by how many albums she sells.

7.) She’s an acoustic goddess!




In conclusion: