Bob The Drag Queen


Bob is the fan favorite and expected frontrunner of the competition. She’s essentially the Viola Davis of RuPaul’s Drag Race. From the hilarious “Meet the Queens” video to the stamp of approval from clown supreme Bianca Del Rio, Bob has proven she has the comedic chops and charisma needed to slay the competition. Only time will tell if she’ll live up to fan expectations.

Kim Chi

Like Miss Fame, Kim Chi is an established queen known for her breathtaking makeup skills and out of this world aesthetic. What’s less known is whether or not she’ll be like Fame and under-deliver when it comes to the performance challenges. Will she rise to the occasion, or will the competition leave her in a pickle?

Dax Exclamationpoint


As the self-professed cosplay queen, Dax is no doubt ready to show us some exciting looks.  The question is whether or not any of those looks will be original enough to impress the judges.

Laila Mcqueen


Well, this is a surprise! Up until this point, everyone assumed Skarlet HARLOT was going to be the final queen of season 8. I’ve seen Laila McQueen perform before and can confirm that she’s a magnetic performer with an interesting edge. But she was unusually active on social media during her time on Drag Race. Was this a stunt on the behalf of the producers, or is she the first queen to be sent packing?

Naysha Lopez


With such a star studded cast this season, it wouldn’t be too surprising if queens like Naysha received a “Kandy Who” edit. Naysha is a beautiful queen and dancer, but it’s unsure if she has the acting chops and comedic quips that we expect from top queens these days.

Robbie Turner


In her promo photo Robbie looks like the love child of Tempest DuJour and a light bulb. Robbie seems like a talented queen, but if she doesn’t have the sewing skills  or outrageous personality needed to wow the judges, it’s more than likely she’ll get the Kelly Mantle treatment. Let’s hope she follows in the footsteps of her fellow Seattle sisters that came before her.

Thorgy Thor


Thorgy Thor seems like she’ll be the camp queen of the season. She’s got an outrageous style, and judging from her performance videos, it’s evident that she likes to embrace unconventional drag. Hopefully her performance in the competition lives up to her character.

Derrick Barry


Derrick Barry is exactly what Venus D’Lite wishes she was: a successful celebrity impersonator. She’s a carbon copy of Britney Spears, and despite her having a five-head the size of Canada, I think she’s ready for the competition. It’s unsure though whether or not she’ll end up on the judges’ radar for relying on her Britney look.

Naomi Smalls


Naomi is an incredibly fierce performer, and she’s got youth on her side. Odds are she’ll be the lip sync assassin of the season a la Trinity K. Bonet. But will she do well in the challenges?

Acid Betty


Acid Betty is an incredibly gifted artist and stylist. She’s arguably the most artistically daring queen ever to grace the main stage. But given the time constraints for preparation, it’s possible Acid Betty won’t be able to show us everything she can do, and if those constraints do occur, let’s hope she has the performance skills to carry her through it.

Chi Chi DeVayne


Introducing the dark horse of the competition.

And last but not least!

Nicole Paige Brooks Cynthia Lee Fontaine


Here’s the trailer!

Season 8 premieres March 7th!