Wannabe“- Spice Girls

Wannabe is the defining feminist/friend anthem of the 1990’s. It’s fun, infectious, campy, and downright unforgettable. Twenty years later and I still want to just zigazig ah.

Damaged“-Danity Kane

Danity Kane may be to the Pussycat Dolls what 7-Eleven is to Whole Foods, but damn do they know how to make a fun breakup track.  We’re gonna need a first-aid kit handy for this one.

Say My Name“- Destiny’s Child

Before there was “Lemonade” there was “Say My Name”, the ultimate cheater’s croon. Destiny’s Child redefined the music scene, ushered in the reign of Queen Bey- and it all started with this r&b classic.


C’est La Vie“- B*Witched

If you’re a 90’s kid, you probably heard this Irish pop classic in movies like “Smart House” and “Life Size.” It’s cheesy and campy, but it’s undeniably fun, and definitely makes you want to jump on your bed and sing-along to it. 

When I Grow Up“-Pussycat Dolls

How much you liked the Pussycat Dolls in middle school/high school is definitely an indicator of how big of a hoe-bag you were back then. This song is sassy, brassy, and a bit assy, and the dance choreography to it on “Just Dance” is fantastic. 

No Scrubs“- TLC

TLC had so many R&B hits it was hard to just pick one for this list. “No Scrubs” snags the spot simply because it introduced the word “scrub” into our everyday vocabulary.

Cheetah Sisters“-Cheetah Girls

The Cheetah Girls taught us 2000’s kids the importance of “Grr-owl power” and revitalized the leopard print fashion trend. Always remember, “we make up one big family though we don’t look the same.”

Bar Bar Bar“- Crayon Pop

With its quirky video, fun dance, and catchy hook, “Bar Bar Bar” is the ultimate K-Pop song. I have no idea what the song’s actually about, but I live for these girls and their power rangers/roller rink realness. 

Hold On“-Wilson Phillips

“Bridesmaids” brought this 90’s pop-rock anthem back into the limelight in 2011, and thank God it did. “Hold On” is irresistibly catchy, inspiring, and fun. Also, Carnie Wilson is the best.

All the Things She Said”– t.A.T.u

From lesbianism to Russian subversion, this song has something for everybody! “All the Things She Said” is undeniably infectious, memorable, and just plain cool- even if it’s in a “Hot Topic” way.

Not Ready to Make Nice“-Dixie Chicks

The only good thing that came out of the Bush administration is this Grammy Award-winning country ballad. Inspired by death threats the group received for protesting the invasion of Iraq, this song is unapologetic, inspiring, and damn-well written. 

How Ya Doin’?“- Little Mix

With “How Ya Doin’?” Little Mix revitalized the campy, bubblegum pop nature of girl groups that had been missing since the Spice Girls. This song is a fun and infectious 90’s throwback track made even better by the Missy Elliott cameo. 

The Tide is High“- Atomic Kitten

Mostly including this song because of the time Lizzie McGuire sang it into her hairbrush.

No More (Baby I’ma Do Right)“-3LW

3LW is basically the Cheetah Girls minus Raven Symone and the pasty orphan. With that being said, this track is DOPE-even with the middle school lyrics. It’s r&b camp at its finest. Also, take note of the denim choices in the music video.

Whatta Man“-Salt-N-Peppa

23 years later and this song is still one of the coolest tracks to ever be released. The beat is banging, the lyrics are on point, and the dancing in the video is awesome. Also kudos to Salt-N-Peppa for calling out a truth that society tends to ignore far too often: men are hoes.

Keep Me Hangin’ On“- The Supremes

There’s a reason why this r&b classic has been covered a million times- it’s damn good! The song’s long-lasting impact can be attributed not only to its melody, but it’s far too relatable lyrics *sobs in corner*

Sledgehammer“-Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony made girl groups cool again with this sleek synth pop track.  Also, fun fact: Meghan Trainor wrote this song!

Closer to Fine“-Indigo Girls

If we’re going to talk about girl groups, we can’t forget about this politically active, lesbian folk-rock duo! The Indigo Girls have an extensive discography, but “Closer to Fine” embodies their well-crafted melodies and thoughtful lyrics. Also, this song references Rasputin, which is great because he’s not mentioned nearly enough.

Untouched“- The Veronicas

With its driving synth-rock beat and breathless refrains, “Untouched” is the ultimate dance-floor anthem. It’s irresistibly catchy, timelessly cool, and makes you want to dance until your lungs collapse.