Well ladies, it’s that time of the year again. The time of year when we pack up our belongings, move into new apartments that look like previous drug dens and catch up with all of the people we couldn’t have cared less about two weeks earlier. And now that summer has come to an end, we can acknowledge all of the beautiful things that happened over those long four months. So round of applause for Summer 2013, the most #ratchet summer so far.


  1. We discussed how rapey “Blurred Lines” is. Robin, before you start trying to “domesticate” women, you should probably look up words that rhyme with “hug me” such as “drug me”, “mug me” and “slug me.”

  2. We died while watching Miley Cyrus come in like a wrecking ball on the VMA stage and were reborn during the 110 seconds of ‘NSYNC’s glorious comeback.

  3. We dropped that “thun thun thun” (still unsure what a “thun thun thun” is exactly but I should probably pick it back up).

  4. We vine-d and/or twerked or made vines of people twerking.

  5. We attempted to throw ourselves out of a moving car after hearing the “Cups Song” for the millionth time on the radio. Sorry, Anna Kendrick.

  6. We checked Amanda Bynes’ twitter constantly to see whether or not Drake was still ugly (she loves him as of August 31st).

  7. We snapchat-ed while operating heavy machinery (nothing says swag like taking duck face selfies in a ‘91 neon Dodge).

  8. We went to a concert (preferably the Mrs. Carter World Tour but I’ll accept a Hanson concert).

  9. We went on vacation… or got really drunk and woke up in our beds unable to remember how we got there.

  10. We whined about wanting to go back to school and then complained the second classes started.