1. You can name  at least three contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race. In fact, you’ve more than likely been forced  to see a drag show at some point or another.

2. You and the bartender at your local gay club are on a first name basis.

3. You understand what  the terms “Kai Kai”, “Shade” and “Werk” mean and use them regularly.

4. You’ve given up on looking pretty entirely and your wardrobe consists mostly of sweatpants and baggy t-shirts  (because let’s face it, what guy is there to impress?)

5. You’re up to date on all of the gay drama happening on campus. Even though it has no relevance to your life whatsoever.

6. You and your gay best friend have a plan to marry each other if you can’t find significant others by the time you’re 30.

7. You’ve been asked at one point or another to carry your friend’s baby.


8. You’ve had at least 3 friends come out to you- and you’ve had to pretend you were surprised each and every time

9. You’re fiercely loyal to your best friend and will always stick up for them and support them. Because you love them. Even though they’re really gay.

10. And you’re pretty much a gay man trapped in a girl’s body anyways.