1. When you’re making your way downtown, walking fast–and the bitch in front of you is walking slower than humanly possible.

2. When someone asks the teacher a question with only 5 seconds of class left.

3. When your crush starts hitting on your best friend.

4. When your teacher assigns a group project and you’re forced to work with the dumbest and laziest people in class.

5. When someone doesn’t answer your text message, even though they’ve clearly read it.

6. When you have to go to party and you hate every single outfit you have in your closet.

7. When your friend complains about being in a relationship and you’re single.

8. When you wait an entire week for a new episode of your favorite TV show and then find out there’s no new episode this week

9. When your computer crashes before you’re able  to save a paper you’ve been working on.

10. When you’re scheduled to work even though you requested the day off.

11. And none of your coworkers are willing to switch shifts.

12. When you try to buy tickets to see your favorite singer in concert and it sells out in 5 seconds.

13. When your teacher gives you a pop quiz.

14. When you’re stuck having a conversation with someone you HATE.

15. When you get pulled over for speeding 10 miles over the limit.

16. When your friend tells you the party is BYOB.

17.When your friend bails on you last minute and you have no other plans.

18. When you wake up looking uglier than usual.