Just in case you missed the most important news of the day

Hilary Duff posted the following to her Instagram with the caption “Some recording happening tomorrow”.


It means the world can rejoice because we get more of this:

And reflect on the fact that this MASTERPIECE is 10 years old:

And remember that time she got a little racy:

Or got it on with the guy from Twilight in an elevator:

Or when she took us “Down Santa Claus Lane”

Whoops not there. That is when she made us all uncomfortable by painting a present on her impregnated belly.

Here is Santa Claus Lane:

She  helped us question “Why not?”

Remember if you always dress in yellow but you want to dress in gold: Listen to your heart, instead of doing what you’re told.

So thank you Hilary for answering our prayers

I can’t wait until you give Miley a run for her money at the 2014 VMA’s. Maybe you could get some pasties with animated Lizzie on them. Just an idea.