1.)  That awkward moment when you haven’t talked all day so when you finally say something it comes out in a weird, scratchy baby voice.

2. ) That awkward moment when you see someone across campus that you only kind of know and you aren’t sure whether or not you know them well enough to wave so you end up just awkwardly staring at them as you pass by.


3.) That awkward moment when your professor tells you to find a buddy to work on an assignment with  but you’re too awkward to ask someone to be your partner so you just end up awkwardly in the back pretending you didn’t want a partner anyways.

4.) That awkward moment when you go to a friend of a friend’s party and you don’t know anyone so you stand in the corner looking at your phone and pretend someone’s texting you.

5.)  That awkward moment when you make eye contact with a person coming out of the bathroom stall after taking a really noisy shit.

6.) That awkward moment when your teacher calls you by the wrong name and you just pretend they’re right


7.) That awkward moment when you approach someone at a party and mention that you’re in a class together and they have no idea what you’re talking about.

8.)  That awkward moment when you trip walking up the stairs and don’t know whether it would be more publicly acceptable to acknowledge that it happened or pretend it didn’t.

9.) That awkward moment when someone asks you what you want to do with your major and you’re just like…

10.) That awkward moment when you start telling a story and realize no one’s listening so you just stop talking and awkwardly look away.

11.)  That awkward moment when you finally raise your hand in class to answer a question and you’re wrong.

12.)  That awkward moment when you tell a guy  a joke and he laughs and then he tell everyone else in the room your joke and they all laugh not knowing that it was actually your joke.


13.)  That awkward moment when you pick up your fast food and the employee says, “Enjoy your meal” and you say “You too.”


14.) That awkward moment when everyone says really sexual things for “Never Have I Ever” and you’re just like “never have I ever been to Canada”


15.)  That awkward moment when you use a fitness machine at the gym incorrectly and everyone around you notices it.