1.) Vanessa Hudgens

From her nudes to her travesty of a song, “Sneakernight”, Vanessa Hudgens is incapable of doing anything worthwhile. She’s arguably the worst part of the High School Musical franchise and I’m pretty sure she wasn’t actually acting in Spring Breakers. I mean I’m almost positive that she spends all of her free time in Florida snorting cocaine, committing robberies and performing oral on a guy named Alien.

2.) Gwyneth Paltrow

It’s impossible to not hate Gwyneth Paltrow. For starters, she named her kid Apple. She’s also completely out of touch with reality and incredibly pretentious. She even once said, “I would rather die than let my kid eat Cup-a-Soup.  I mean she’s so pretentious she speaks with a British accent (newsflash, just because your husband is British doesn’t mean you are) And I still hate her for that time she sang “Forget You” at the Grammys. Bitch, you ain’t Cee Lo Green, you a blonde white lady who co starred in a movie with Jack Black, sit down.

3.) Lea Michele

You know when you’re sure someone’s a bitch without even having to meet them? Lea Michele is one of those people. I will start by saying that Lea Michele is incredibly talented and her singing voice is unparalleled. With that being said, she’s so goddamn annoying.  Lea is too aware of how talented she is and it seems like she’s always trying to outshine everyone else. She’s basically Rachel Berry in real life and her bangs are so awful I can’t even deal.  And she was in a Candie’s commercial, which is beyond sinful. But I will say she has handled Cory Monteith’s death gracefully and my heart goes out to her, even though I think she’s the worst.

4.) Shannen Doherty

I know what you’re thinking and you’re right, Shannen Doherty is in no way relevant. But I still need to include her because she’s the FUCKING WORST. She has been and will always be one of the bitchiest people on the planet and I am so glad karma caught up to her and that the only gig she can get now is Education Connection commercials. Everyone hates her and she screwed up every good opportunity she got, namely Charmed and 90210. So Shannen, if you’re reading this, you have shamed the Doherty name and you should really consider faking your death and moving to Antarctica.

5.) Katherine Heigl

I don’t know what happened to Katherine Heigl, she showed so much promise in Wish Upon A Star.  Maybe it’s because every movie she’s in is awful (Seriously name a movie besides Knocked Up that she was good in) or maybe it’s because she’s apparently super difficult to work with, but it’s impossible to not hate her.  And it doesn’t help that she badmouths everything she’s involved in, in fact, she called Judd Apatow “sexist” which isn’t too smart CONSIDERING YOU CHOSE TO BE IN HIS MOVIE. Just keep your mouth shut Katherine and go back to Grey’s Anatomy.

6.) Kate Hudson

God I hate Kate Hudson. I mean I’ll admit that Almost Famous is a great movie but every other thing that Kate’s done besides that (with the exception of Raising Helen) has been painfully bad. In fact, Something Borrowed is actually the worst movie I’ve ever seen and I want Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate to personally apologize to me for wasting an hour and a half of my life. And it doesn’t help that she literally plays the same character in every movie. She always plays a thirty something year old woman who is kind of used up and cynical about the world. What’s so special about that, Kate? Every single thirty year old woman is like that. Also why the eff is she the face of Ann Taylor?

7.) Mariah Carey

Okay, so I know she’s more of a singer than an actress, but Mariah Carey still needs to be included on this list. Sure she’s a talented singer, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s a huge diva and thinks she’s better than everyone else. Newflash Mimi, you’re married to Nick Cannon. If anything that makes you worse than everyone else. Also, she’s not even a good actress so I’m not sure why she keeps getting random cameos in critically acclaimed movies. The only thing she did in Precious was remove her makeup and show the world how terrifying her face actually is. And she was literally in .02 seconds of Lee Daniels: The Butler. I did appreciate her feuds with Nicki Minaj on American Idol though.

Also she had a song called #Beautiful… not Beautiful but #Beautiful. Mariah, you’re a 40 year old woman and you’re whole using hashtags thing to stay hip and relevant is not cute.

8.) Anne Hathaway

I’m conflicted about including Anne on this list because I’m a fan of her, but it’s pretty much common knowledge that everyone hates her.  Winning the Oscar for Les Miserables may have been the worst thing to happen to her because the moment she started giving acceptance speeches everyone realized how pretentiously awkward she was. She tries so hard, almost too hard. She’s basically a robot. And let’s not forget that time she hosted the Oscars with James Franco, although in her defense it sucked more because of James than her. I’m hoping she’ll grow her hair back out and star in Princess Diaries 3 and everyone will love her again.

And I know what you’re all thinking, “Where’s Kristen Stewart?” I didn’t forget her, I just hate her so much that I’m not willing to waste my time making jokes about her.