1. You have several siblings- in fact you more than likely have Irish twins in your family because it’s common knowledge that Irish Catholics don’t know how to use birth control.

2. You have more cousins than you can count and at least one of them is named Patrick, Sean, Brendan, Kelly or Erin.

3. You know that the only way to properly resolve an argument is by screaming your point- preferably while you are on your lawn watching the other person storm away.

4. You know first hand how terrible corned beef and cabbage is because you’re grandmother force fed it you every St. Patrick’s Day.

5. You’re constantly mistaken for your sibling or cousin because apparently all Irish children look the same.

6. You know all the words to “Danny Boy” and have more than likely cried while hearing it played on bagpipes while at a funeral.

7. You have a drawer filled with claddagh rings

8. Your parents have told you that you should admire JFK and that the Kennedy’s are a family you should strive to be.


9. You have been lectured at by your grandfather or great grandfather at least once in your lifetime about the whole “Irish Need Not Apply” Thing.

10.  You have certain extended family members that you’ve only ever seen drunk. In fact, most times you are forced to interact with your family at least one person at the gathering is intoxicated.