16 Things That Make Us All Uncomfortable


1. When people don’t smile with their teeth.


2. When a teacher calls on a kid who didn’t do the reading just to watch him squirm.


3. When you go to a club meeting or class and you’re supposed to say an interesting fact about yourself.


4. When an ugly person tries to flirt with you.


5. When you run into someone you haven’t seen in 5 years while shopping at the mall with your mom.


6. When your drunk friend gets confrontational and tries to fight a random person.


7. When someone you’re with starts talking about their sex life in detail while you’re out in public.

8. When the person sitting next to you in class farts and it smells but you don’t want to call them out on it because that would be rude but you also don’t want people to think it was you who farted.


9. When an ugly person posts their “modeling” pictures to Facebook.


10. When the teacher references something in class (like sports) and everyone else gets the joke but you.


11. Watching bad parents interact with their children in public.


12. Overly aggressive homeless people.


13.) When a person stops you on the street trying to get you to sign a petition or join their church or sell your first born child


14. People who use hashtags seriously.


15. When someone really untalented, but well intentioned, majors in something like Musical Theater or Art


16) When you go inside a boutique and realize within three seconds that there is nothing there you would even consider buying but you pretend to look around anyways because it’s just you and the owner in the store and you feel weird leaving abruptly.

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