So you’re a freshman in college


And after four years of high school you’re finally to ready to move on to something new

At first it’s a little overwhelming


But before long you’re like:

But as a freshman you’re gonna do some stupid shit


and it’s going to be embarrassing

You don’t know any better though…because you’re a freshman.

You’re probably gonna make some classic freshman mistakes

Like thinking wearing one of these bad boys is practical:

It isn’t cute.

You’re gonna get all dressed up to go out

And be out by 8:00 P.M…

And won’t be able to get into a party because 1) it’s 8 fucking pm and 2) you’re a freshman

At the chance you do get into a party…

You’re probably gonna think you can drink more than you can

And feel really cool

But all of  a sudden it will hit you

And you might end up like this:

But probably more like this:

Or worse you just end up standing in the corner all night talking to no one

Realistically though it’s better for you to be mute than one of those loud obnoxious gals

AND If you happen to get lucky…

You could end up with the fabulous walk o’ shame

While on the subject of outfits…

Dressing appropriate can be tough…

You might ride out summer clothes a little to long

Or winter clothes a tad early

You might come to a party (if you get into one lolz) a bit too dressed up

Or sometimes worse…underdressed

Just try not to do any of this shit

You’re better than this…

#yolo #swag #pleasestop