Have you noticed that every Halloween people wear the same slutty costumes? We’ve seen it all: slutty cats, slutty cowgirls and slutty superheroes. What I’ve yet to see is something that is both slutty AND original. So we at “Is This Why I’m Still Single” decided to come up with a list of 30 original slutty Halloween costume ideas. Because if you’re going to be a disappointment to your parents at least be creative about it.
1. Slutty Lunch Lady

2. Slutty Salvation Army Bell Ringer

3. Slutty Winston Churchill

4. Slutty Westboro Baptist Church Member

5. Slutty Westboro Baptist Church Protester

6. Slutty Government Shutdown

7. Slutty Mr. Rogers

9. Slutty Amputee

10. Slutty Global Warming

11. Slutty Hostage Crisis Negotiator

12. Slutty Couch

13. Slutty “Would You Like Anything From The Trolley” lady from Harry Potter

14. Slutty ASL translator.

15. Slutsy Unsold Banksy canvas.

16. Slutty Quaker

17. Slutty Quaker Oats Man

18. Slutty Early Bird Special

19. Slutty Slut Shamer

20. Slutty John Wilkes Booth

21. Slutty Old Testament

22. Slutty New Testament

23. Slutty Ultrasound

24. Slutty 401K

25. Slutty Rasputin

26. Slutty Glass Ceiling

27. Slutty Refugee

28. Slutty Tituba

29. Slutty Lunch Meat

30. Slutty NuvaRing