As Halloween quickly approaches you’re probably hurrying to get your costumes together and figure out your plans. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because although I spend a lot of the time pretending to be someone I’m not this gives me a legitimate excuse. I’m kidding but seriously I LOVE Halloween. Probably half because I can be anything I want and half because I can eat a gross amount of candy and feel okay about it. Though this holiday is great I think we can all agree that we’ve run into some shitty situations. It’s not like Thanksgiving where all I have to do is show up looking half way decent. You gotta put some thought into it. So this list is a friendly reminder of shitty situations you can run into and hopefully gives you some guidance for the upcoming holiday.

1) Not having a costume

This one is rough. There really is no excuse for not having a costume though. I usually run into this situation because I start out wanting to be something extravagant and then realize I have no time or means to do it.  Just be a cat.

2) One of the people in your group costume bailing on you.

Because nothing is worse than Ginger abandoning the Spice Girls AGAIN.

3) Poor weather

Weather has ruined my Halloween a couple of times. Maybe fishnets aren’t necessarily practical for most weather but whatevs. Going from sexy cat to sad wet cat is no fun.

4) People not understanding your costume

It all sounded so good in my head.

5) Someone having the same costume and/or upstaging yours

I’m waiting on the Miley costumes this year because we all know there will be no shortage of half naked girls with shaved heads running around twerking and licking hammers.

6) Being the only one to go all out

This is bullshit. Walking into a room full of lazy witches while you’re decked as Marie Antoinette? I will sure as hell NOT let them eat cake. #bye

7) Being the only one NOT to go all out

This is also awkward. I find in college you don’t just dress up for Halloween once. This is complicated though because am I supposed to go all out every time? Looks like I might be the lazy witch this time around…

8) Having to wear your costume home the next day

This one is so rough. Sometimes you can almost blend into the crowd walking home the morning after a wild night. Not on Halloween though. Maybe stop by CVS on the way home for the 50% candy because it can’t really get much worse at this point.

9) Having to deal with costume props

A good rule of thumb is if nobody understands what you are without your prop…find a new costume.

10)  Having a difficult costume to go to the bathroom in

I mean the leather jumpsuit seemed smart at the time…